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Frequently Asked Questions: Before installation


Which router should I buy?

Will OpenWrt run on ...?

See Supported Devices and Table of Hardware for the list of supported devices.

How often can I write on the flash chip?

Flash devices can be written to, at minimum, anywhere between 100,000 and 1,000,000 times (according to the manufacturers). Keep in mind we have a normal distribution and also, that Flash never ever just stops working, but merely distinct blocks do. I.e. you won't be able to write to them any longer, but you should be able to still read them.

For details see Flash memory


How do I get started?

Quick Start Guide - Installing OpenWrt should hook you up.

How can I obtain OpenWrt firmware images?

What's the difference between a "release" and a "trunk" build?

A release build of OpenWrt is a stable version of the firmware. It is expected to be supported for the long term, and is safe to use in production, or with your family.

A trunk (or snapshot) build is a version of OpenWrt that is “in development”. These are rebuilt frequently, often multiple times a day. Although they are the latest version, there is no guarantee that any particular snapshot build will be bug-free, or even work at all.

See also Development builds / snapshots

What is the difference between the different image formats?

  • a factory image is designed to replace the vendor's “stock” firmware. It matches the format of the file the vendor supplies. You usually use the vendor's Web GUI to install a factory image.
  • a sysupgrade image (previously named trx image) is designed to replace an OpenWrt image. Use a sysupgrade image to update a LEDE (or OpenWrt) system with a newer OpenWrt image.

The two have the same content, but a factory image would have extra header information or whatever the platform needs. Generally speaking, the factory image is to be used with the OEM GUI or OEM flashing utilities to convert the device to OpenWrt. After that, use the sysupgrade images.

  • a uImage is a tagged linux image expected by the u-boot loader
  • a tftp image is XXX
  • a vmlinux.bin image is XXX
  • a vmlinux.elf “image” is XXX

How do I install OpenWrt?

How do I compile OpenWrt?

How do I compile all OpenWrt packages?


How do I compile for multiple targets?

Which packages can I safely remove to save space?

Error code: 18005

When trying to install a firmware image, I get the following error:

Error code: 18005, Upgrade unsuccessfully because the version of the upgraded file was incorrect. Please check the file name.

Solution: Rename the firmware image to something short, like e.g. factory.bin

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