Realtek CPU are often found in managed switches. These devices are interesting because they typically have many Ethernet ports (from 8 to 24 or even more).

This target is supported starting from OpenWrt 21.02.

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#TargetSubtargetPackage architecture BrandModelVersionDevice PageDevice Techdata
1realtekgenericmips_4kecALLNETALL-SG8208MView/Edit data
2realtekgenericmips_4kecD-LinkDGS-1210-28F1 or newer (older versions are different SoC)View/Edit data
3realtekgenericmips_4kecD-LinkDGS-1210-16G1View/Edit data
4realtekgenericmips_4kecD-LinkDGS-1210-10PF1 or newer (older versions are different SoC)View/Edit data
5realtekgenericmips_4kecNETGEARGS108Tv3netgear_gs108t_v3View/Edit data
6realtekgenericmips_4kecNETGEARGS308T1View/Edit data
7realtekgenericmips_4kecNETGEARGS310TP1View/Edit data
8realtekgenericmips_4kecNETGEARGS110TPPV1View/Edit data
9realtekgenericmips_4kecZyXELGS1900-10HPv1gs1900-10hpView/Edit data
10realtekgenericmips_4kecZyXELGS1900-8HPv1View/Edit data
11realtekgenericmips_4kecZyXELGS1900-8HPv2View/Edit data
12realtekgenericmips_4kecZyXELGS1900-8View/Edit data
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