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Description of this target goes here.

This target was renamed from brcm63 to bcm63xx after the 19.07 release.

Subtarget smp

SMP (Symmetric multiprocessing) is supposed to take the advantage of using two cores when present and supported by the Linux kernel.
For multicore devices it is recommended to use the SMP firmware, unless you experience problems when using two cores.

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#TargetSubtargetCPU coresModemSupported current RelUnsupported functionsPackage architecture BrandModelVersionDevice PageDevice Techdata
1bcm63xxgeneric1ADSL2+snapshotDSL modemmips_mips32ADBP.DG A4001NA-000-1A1-AXadb_p.dg_a4001nView/Edit data
2bcm63xxgeneric¿ADSL2+19.07.4DSL modemmips_mips32ADBP.DG A4001NA-000-1A1-AEadb_p.dg_a4001nView/Edit data
3bcm63xxsmp2-snapshotDSL modem, WiFi 2.4GHzmips_mips32ComtrendVR-3032uvr3032uView/Edit data
4bcm63xxsmp2-snapshotFXS, WiFi 2.4GHzmips_mips32ComtrendVG-8050vg8050View/Edit data
5bcm63xxsmp1ADSL2+snapshotDSL modem, FXS, WiFi 2.4GHzmips_mips32HuaweiHG253sv2hg253s-v2View/Edit data
6bcm63xxgeneric2ADSL2+19.07.4DSL modem, WiFi 2.4GHz partlymips_mips32NetgearDGND3700v1dgnd3700View/Edit data
7bcm63xxgeneric2ADSL2+ Annex B19.07.4DSL modem, WiFi 2.4GHz partlymips_mips32NetgearDGND3800Bdgnd3700View/Edit data
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