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Former brcm2708, which was renamed to bcm27xx after the 19.07 release.

  • Broadcom 2708/2835 (used in the Raspberry Pi)


Fully supported using the kernel from ​

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#TargetSubtargetPackage architectureBrand ModelVersionDevice PageDevice Techdata
1bcm27xxbcm2708arm_arm1176jzf-s_vfpRaspberry Pi FoundationRaspberry PiAraspberry_piView/Edit data
2bcm27xxbcm2708arm_arm1176jzf-s_vfpRaspberry Pi FoundationRaspberry PiBraspberry_piView/Edit data
3bcm27xxbcm2708arm_arm1176jzf-s_vfpRaspberry Pi FoundationRaspberry PiB+raspberry_piView/Edit data
4bcm27xxbcm2709arm_cortex-a7_neon-vfpv4Raspberry Pi FoundationRaspberry Pi 2B 1.0/1.1raspberry_piView/Edit data
5bcm27xxbcm2710aarch64_cortex-a53Raspberry Pi FoundationRaspberry Pi 2B 1.2raspberry_piView/Edit data
6bcm27xxbcm2710aarch64_cortex-a53Raspberry Pi FoundationRaspberry Pi 3Braspberry_piView/Edit data
7bcm27xxbcm2710aarch64_cortex-a53Raspberry Pi FoundationRaspberry Pi 3B+raspberry_piView/Edit data
8bcm27xxbcm2711aarch64_cortex-a72Raspberry Pi FoundationRaspberry Pi 4Braspberry_piView/Edit data
9bcm27xxbcm2708arm_arm1176jzf-s_vfpRaspberry Pi FoundationRaspberry Pi Zero Wraspberry_piView/Edit data
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