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odhcpd is an embedded DHCP/DHCPv6/RA server & NDP relay.

odhcpd is a daemon for serving and relaying IP management protocols to configure clients and downstream routers. It tries to follow the RFC 6204 requirements for IPv6 home routers.

odhcpd provides server services for DHCP, RA, stateless SLAAC and stateful DHCPv6, prefix delegation and can be used to relay RA, DHCPv6 and NDP between routed (non-bridged) interfaces in case no delegated prefixes are available.

Router Discovery (RD) support (solicitations and advertisements) with 2 modes of operation:

  1. RD Server mode: Router Discovery (RD) server for slave interfaces:
    1. Automatic detection of prefixes, delegated prefix, default routes and MTU.
    2. Automatic re-announcement of any changes in either prefixes or routes.
  2. RD Relay mode: Router Discovery (RD) relay between master and slave interfaces.
    1. Supports rewriting of the announced DNS server addresses.

DHCPv6 support with 2 modes of operation:

  1. DHCPv6 Server mode: stateless, stateful and Prefix Delegation (PD) server mode:
    1. Stateless and stateful address assignment.
    2. Prefix delegation support.
    3. Dynamic reconfiguration of any changes in Prefix Delegation.
    4. Hostname detection and hosts-file creation.
  2. DHCPv6 Relay mode: A mostly standards-compliant DHCPv6-relay:
    1. Supports rewriting of the announced DNS server addresses.
  1. Stateless and stateful DHCPv4 server mode.

Proxy for Neighbor Discovery solicitation and advertisement messages (NDP):

  1. Supports auto-learning of routes to the local routing table.
  2. Supports marking interfaces as “external”.

Interfaces marked as “external” will not receive any proxyied NDP content and are only served with NDP for Duplicate Address Detection (DAD) and traffic to the router itself.

:!: Interfaces marked as external need additional firewall rules for security!

odhcpd uses a UCI configuration file in /etc/config/dhcp for configuration and may also receive information from ubus.

Configuration for the odhcp daemon.

Name Type Default Description
legacy boolean 0 Enable DHCPv4 if the 'dhcp' section contains a start option, but no dhcpv4 option set.
maindhcp boolean 0 Use odhcpd as the main DHCPv4 service.
leasefile string Location of the lease/hostfile for DHCPv4 and DHCPv6.
leasetrigger string Location of the lease trigger script.
loglevel integer 6 Syslog level priority (0-7). 0=emer, 1=alert, 2=crit, 3=err, 4=warn, 5=notice, 6=info, 7=debug

Configuration for DHCPv4, DHCPv6, RA and NDP services.

Name Type Required Default Description
interface string <name of UCI section> Logical OpenWrt interface.
ifname string <resolved from logical> Physical network interface.
networkid string <same as ifname> Alias of ifname for compatibility.
ignore boolean 0 Do not serve this interface unless overridden by ra, ndp, dhcpv4 or dhcpv6 options.
master boolean 0 Is a master interface for relaying.
ra string disabled Router Advert service. Set to disabled, server, relay or hybrid.
dhcpv6 string disabled DHCPv6 service. Set to disabled, server, relay or hybrid.
dhcpv4 string disabled DHCPv4 service. Set to disabled or server.
ndp string disabled Neighbor Discovery Proxy. Set to disabled, relay or hybrid.
dynamicdhcp boolean 1 Leases for DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 are created dynamically.
dhcpv4_forcereconf boolean 0 Force reconfiguration by sending force renew message even if the client did not include the force renew nonce capability option (RFC 6704).
dhcpv6_assignall boolean 1 Assign all viable DHCPv6 addresses in statefull mode. If disabled only the DHCPv6 address having the longest preferred lifetime is assigned.
dhcpv6_hostidlength integer 12 Host ID length of dynamically created leases, allowed values: 12 - 64 (bits).
dhcpv6_na boolean 1 DHCPv6 stateful addressing hands out IA_NA - Internet Address - Network Address.
dhcpv6_pd boolean 1 DHCPv6 stateful addressing hands out IA_PD - Internet Address - Prefix Delegation.
router list <local address> Routers to announce accepts IPv4 only.
dns list <local address> DNS servers to announce on the network. IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are accepted.
dns_service boolean 1 Announce the address of interface as DNS service if the list of DNS is empty.
domain list <local search domain> Search domains to announce on the network.
leasetime string 12h DHCPv4 address leasetime
start integer 100 Starting address of the DHCPv4 pool.
limit integer 150 Number of addresses in the DHCPv4 pool.
preferred_lifetime string 12h Value for the preferred lifetime for a prefix.
ra_default integer 0 Override default route. Set to 0 (default), 1 (ignore, no public address) or 2 (ignore all).
ra_flags list other-config List of RA flags to be advertised in RA messages:
managed-config - get address information from DHCPv6 server. If this flag is set, other-config flag is redundant.
other-config - get other configuration from DHCPv6 server (such as DNS servers). See here for details.
home-agent - see here for details.
OpenWrt since version 21.02 configures managed-config and other-config by default.
ra_slaac boolean 1 Announce SLAAC for a prefix (that is, set the A flag in RA messages).
ra_management integer no 1 :!: This option is deprecated. Use ra_flags and ra_slaac options instead.
RA management mode: no M-Flag but A-Flag (0), both M and A flags (1), M flag but not A flag (2)
ra_offlink boolean 0 Announce prefixes off-link.
ra_preference string medium Route preference medium, high or low.
ra_maxinterval integer 600 Maximum time allowed between sending unsolicited Router Advertisements (RA).
ra_mininterval integer 200 Minimum time allowed between sending unsolicited Router Advertisements (RA).
ra_lifetime integer 1800 Router Lifetime published in Router Advertisement (RA) messages.
ra_useleasetime boolean 0 If set, the configured DHCPv4 leasetime is used both as limit for the preferred and valid lifetime of an IPv6 prefix.
ra_reachabletime integer 0 Reachable Time in milliseconds to be published in Router Advertisement (RA) messages'.
ra_retranstime integer 0 Retransmit Time in milliseconds to be published in Router Advertisment (RA) messages.
ra_hoplimit integer 0 The maximum hops to be published in Router Advertisement (RA) messages.
ra_mtu integer 0 The MTU to be published in Router Advertisement (RA) messages.
ra_dns boolean 1 Announce DNS configuration in RA messages (RFC 8106).
ndproxy_routing boolean 1 Learn routes from NDP.
ndproxy_slave boolean 0 NDProxy external slave.
ndproxy_static list Static NDProxy prefixes.
prefix_filter string ::/0 Only advertise on-link prefixes within the provided IPv6 prefix. Others are filtered out.
ntp list DHCPv6 stateful option 56 to Announce NTP servers

The host section is where static leases are defined.

Name Type Required Default Description
ip string yes (none) IP address to lease
mac string no (none) MAC address
duid string no (none) DUID in base16
hostid string no (none) IPv6 host identifier
name string no (none) Hostname
leasetime string no (none) DHCPv4/v6 leasetime

Example hostid='105ee0badc0de' ⇒ IPv6 '::1:5ee:bad:c0de'

Replace dnsmasq with odhcpd to access IPv4 leases.

ubus -v list dhcp
ubus call dhcp ipv4leases
ubus call dhcp ipv6leases

odhcpd uses cmake.

# Prepare
cmake .
# Build/install
make install
# Build DEB/RPM packages
make package
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