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LuCI was founded in March 2008 as “FFLuCI” as part of the efforts to create a port of the Freifunk-Firmware from the OpenWrt branch White Russian to its successor branch Kamikaze.

The initial reason for this project was the absence of a free, clean, extensible and easily maintainable web user interface for embedded devices. While most similar configuration interfaces make heavy use of the Shell-scripting language, LuCI:

  • uses the Lua programming language and
  • splits the interface up into logical parts like models and views, uses object-oriented libraries and templating.

That ensures better performance, smaller installation size, faster runtimes and simple maintainability.

Meanwhile LuCI evolved from a MVC-Webframework to a collection of several libraries, applications and user interfaces with general purpose for Lua programmers while the focus still remains on the web user interface which also became an official part of OpenWrt releases since OpenWrt 'Kamikaze' 8.09.

  • uci (including libuci-lua)

luci and luci-ssl are meta-packages. Here you see what they comprise, the sizes are in Bytes compiled for the ar71xx platform. They should differ too much from binaries compiled for other architectures. Also note, that with JFFS2 it is not possible to precisely predict the occupied space.

In case you want to use a different web server than uhttpd and not install uhttpd at all, do not install the meta-package because it includes it. Install the individual components instead and a web server of your choice. The article webserver shows you some choices from the repos.

Name Size Description
luci 779 Meta package. Standard OpenWrt set including full and mini admin and the standard theme
uhttpd 23778 uHTTPd is a tiny single threaded HTTP server with TLS, CGI and Lua support. It is intended as a drop-in replacement for the Busybox HTTP daemon.
luci-mod-admin-full 60827 LuCI Administration - full-featured for full control
luci-mod-admin-core 5257 Web UI Core module
luci-theme-bootstrap 13801 Bootstrap theme (default)
luci-theme-openwrt 7756 theme
luci-i18n-english 1252 English
luci-app-firewall 16630 Firmware and Portforwarding application
firewall 11603 UCI based firewall for OpenWrt /etc/config/firewall /etc/firewall.user. Dependencies: iptables, iptables-mod-conntrack, iptables-mod-nat
luci-app-initmgr 5713 LuCI Initscript Management
libiwinfo 25362 Wireless information library with consistent interface for proprietary Broadcom, madwifi, nl80211 and wext driver interfaces.
luci-lib-ipkg 2846 LuCI IPKG/OPKG call abstraction library
luci-theme-base 25065 Common base for all themes
libnl-tiny 14390 This package contains a stripped down version of libnl
liblua 81477 Lua is a powerful light-weight programming language designed for extending applications. Lua is also frequently used as a general-purpose, stand-alone language. Lua is free software. This package contains the Lua shared libraries, needed by other programs.
lua 9069 Lua is a powerful light-weight programming language designed for extending applications. Lua is also frequently used as a general-purpose, stand-alone language. Lua is free software. This package contains the Lua language interpreter. (5.1.4-7)
luci-lib-web 59695 MVC Webframework
luci-lib-sys 15795 LuCI Linux/POSIX system library
luci-lib-nixio 31683 NIXIO POSIX library
luci-lib-core 28096 LuCI core libraries
luci-sgi-cgi 2420 CGI Gateway behind existing Webserver
luci-lib-lmo 4714 LuCI LMO I18N library
Additionally Required for HTTPS
luci-ssl 782 Meta package. Standard OpenWrt set including full admin, the standard theme + HTTPS support. Installs px5g and libustream-mbedtls by default (since Dec2016)
(uhttpd-mod-tls) 5825 The TLS plugin adds HTTPS support to uHTTPd. Note: Not needed since r35295 in Jan2013 as uhttpd is always built ready to utilize SSL library via a libustream- library
uhttpd-mod-lua 9178 The Lua plugin adds a CGI-like Lua runtime interface to uHTTPd.
px5g 28480 Px5g is a tiny standalone X.509 certificate generator. It's suitable to create key files and certificates in DER and PEM format for use with stunnel, uhttpd and others.
Internationalization and localization packages
luci-i18n-xxx ????? Please confer to for an overview of the translation progress.
Note: According to this post a mini-admin-package is no longer available
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