This is the most “modern” linux arch you also find called “64-bit” and the one you will want to use on devices with more than 4 GiB of RAM.

Package architectureTargetSubtarget BrandModelVersion
x86_64x8664Barracuda Networksf12a
x86_64x86Barracuda NetworksF18
x86_64x8664PC EnginesAPU1C
x86_64x8664PC EnginesAPU2C4
x86_64x8664PC EnginesAPU3C4
x86_64x8664PC EnginesAPU3C2
x86_64x8664PC EnginesAPU3A2
x86_64x8664PC EnginesAPU2C2
x86_64x8664PC EnginesAPU2C0
x86_64x8664PC EnginesAPU1D
x86_64x8664PC EnginesAPU1C4
x86_64x8664PC EnginesAPU4D4
x86_64x8664QEMU (x86_64)qemu-system-x86_64>2.0
x86_64x8664RoqosCore RC10
x86_64x8664SophosSG 105rev 1
x86_64x8664SophosSG 105wrev 2
x86_64x8664SophosSG 125rev 2
x86_64x8664SophosSG 135wrev 2
x86_64x8664SophosXG 125wrev 2
x86_64x8664SophosXG 85wrev 1
x86_64x8664SophosXG 86Rev 1
x86_64x8664SophosSG 115rev 2
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