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Produced by NXP/Freescale under the name MPC8540.

The MPC8540 processor integrates two 10/100/1000 Ethernet controllers (with support for jumbo frames), a 10/100 Ethernet controller, a 64-bit PCI/PCI-X controller operating at up to 133 MHz, an 8-bit 500 MHz parallel RapidIO ® controller, a DDR memory controller, a four-channel DMA, a multi-channel interrupt controller and a DUART serial interface.
The MPC8540 integrates the e500 core, 256 KB of on-chip L2 cache and the revolutionary on-chip, non-blocking, crossbar switch fabric on-chip network (OCeaN), allowing for full duplex port connections and independent per-port transaction queuing and flow control.


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Devices with this instructionset

Package architectureTargetSubtarget BrandModelVersion
powerpc_8540mpc85xxEvaluation boards / unbranded boardsFreescale P1020EWLAN
powerpc_8540mpc85xxgenericSophosRED 15wRev. 1
powerpc_8540mpc85xxgenericTP-LinkTL-WDR49001.0, 1.3
powerpc_8540mpc85xxTurris CZ.NICTurrisv1.0
powerpc_8540mpc85xxTurris CZ.NICTurrisv1.1
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