The OCTEON II IAP family offers a 4x performance boost over the existing and widely deployed OCTEON Plus processor family with >2x better performance/watt and performance/dollar and adds revolutionary new application acceleration engines. OCTEON II IAP’s scale from 1 to 32 cores, including up to 75 Application Acceleration Engines, providing an aggregate performance of over 120 billion operations/second. A unique Application Acceleration Manager, and high-performance memory, I/O, and interconnect, provide up to 400Gbps DDR3 bandwidth, and up to 100Gbps of I/O bandwidth and deliver linear application performance scaling. Innovative embedded virtualization and power optimizer technology is integrated to enable robust multi-OS solutions in highly constrained form factors.

The new OCTEON II IAP processor family is designed to fuel the voice, video and data convergence driven by cloud computing, virtualization, HD video over IP, Web 2.0 and mobile 3G/4G applications which require a many fold increase in packet processing, secure application delivery and quality of service (QoS) performance. OCTEON II IAP’s are targeted for use in a next generation routers, switches, appliances, WLAN and 3G/4G access and aggregation devices, storage arrays, HBA’s and storage networking equipment, and intelligent server adapters.


  New CPU Core (cnMIPS v2)
  - Higher frequency up to 1.5GHz
  - 2x+ control plane performance
  New and Improved Application Acceleration
  - Revolutionary new deep packet inspection with Hyper Finite Automata (HFA) technology
  - New security standard support: SNOW3G
  - Enhanced compression/decompression, packet input & output processing
  Advanced Application Acceleration Manager
  - Hardware synchronization for up to 32 cores
  - Support for increased number of core groups, tagging, and QoS levels
  - Support for up to 40Gbps+ of network traffic
  Scalable Hyper-Connect
  - Low-latency crossbar architecture with up to 8Tbps
  Latest, Future Proof Interfaces
  - PCIe Gen2, sRIO, DDR3, Interlaken
  Improved Performance and Lower Power
  - 3x-4x Performance over highest end OCTEON Plus
  - Up to 2x Performance/Watt and Performance/$
  Embedded Virtualization
  - Software and Hardware Solution for Hypervisors

The OCTEON II CN63XX processors will be available in scalable options ranging from 2-core to 6-core versions running at 800MHz to 1.5GHz. These processors will be offered in two versions namely Control Plane (CP) and Application Acceleration Processor (AAP). The CP version incorporates general purpose MIPS64 cores and hardware acceleration for networking. The AAP version adds hardware acceleration for security, regular expression, compression, RAID and de-duplication. The CN63XX will sample to early customers in Q4 2009. Details of the CN68XX and other OCTEON II processor parts will be later.


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