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The ARM® Cortex®-A9 processor is a popular general purpose choice for low-power or thermally constrained, cost-sensitive 32-bit devices.

The Cortex-A9 processor is proven in a wide range of devices and is one of ARM's most widely deployed and mature applications processors. Cortex-A9 processor offers an overall performance enhancement over 25% higher than Cortex-A8 per core, plus the ability to implement multi-core designs that further scale the performance increase.

The Cortex-A9 implements the widely supported ARMv7-A architecture with an efficient microarchitecture:

  • High-efficiency, dual-issue superscalar, out-of-order, dynamic length pipeline (8 – 11 stages)
  • Highly configurable L1 caches, and optional NEON and Floating-point extensions
  • Available as a Single processor configuration, or a scalable multi-core configuration with up to 4 coherent cores

For the most high-end 32-bit devices, Cortex-A17 delivers more performance and efficiency in a similar footprint than it’s predecessor, the Cortex-A9. They are based of a similar pipeline, with Cortex-A17 extending the capabilities in single thread performance and adding big.LITTLE support and virtualization that were not in the original Cortex-A9 offering.


This architecture is for cortex a9 processors with NEON instructions.

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Devices with this instructionset

Package architectureTargetSubtarget BrandModelVersion
arm_cortex-a9_neonzynqgenericDigilentZybo Z7-10
arm_cortex-a9_neonzynqgenericDigilentZybo Z7-20
arm_cortex-a9_neonimx6genericGateworksVentana GW5530
arm_cortex-a9_neonimx6genericGateworksVentana GW5100
arm_cortex-a9_neonimx6genericGateworksVentana GW5200
arm_cortex-a9_neonimx6genericGateworksVentana GW5220
arm_cortex-a9_neonimx6genericGateworksVentana GW5300
arm_cortex-a9_neonimx6genericGateworksVentana GW5310
arm_cortex-a9_neonimx6genericGateworksVentana GW5400
arm_cortex-a9_neonimx6genericGateworksVentana GW5410
arm_cortex-a9_neonimx6genericGateworksVentana GW5510
arm_cortex-a9_neonimx6genericGateworksVentana GW5520
arm_cortex-a9_neonimx6genericSolidRunCuBox i1
arm_cortex-a9_neonimx6genericSolidRunCuBox i2
arm_cortex-a9_neonimx6genericSolidRunCuBox i2eX
arm_cortex-a9_neonimx6genericSolidRunCuBox i4Pro
arm_cortex-a9_neonimx6genericSolidRunCuBox i4x4
arm_cortex-a9_neonimx6genericToradexApalis iMX6 Quad 2GB
arm_cortex-a9_neonimx6genericToradexApalis iMX6 Quad 1GB
arm_cortex-a9_neonimx6genericToradexApalis iMX6 Dual 1GB
arm_cortex-a9_neonimx6genericToradexApalis iMX6 Dual 512MB
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