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OpenWrt image conversion

If you wish to upgrade your firmware from OpenWrt without resetting to stock first then you might get:

The uploaded image file does not contain a supported format. Make sure that you choose the generic image format for your platform.

.bin files are for flashing from a stock firmware. .trx files are for flashing from OpenWrt. To convert from .bin to .trx, strip the 32-byte header from the .bin file:

dd if=openwrt-10.03.1-brcm47xx-wrt150n-squashfs.bin bs=32 skip=1 of=openwrt-10.03.1-brcm47xx-wrt150n-squashfs.trx

IMPORTANT: Verify that the output file is only 32 bytes smaller than the input file and that the .trx file begins with HDR0:

hd /tmp/openwrt-10.03.1-brcm47xx-wrt150n-squashfs.trx | head

NOTE: However, the .trx file that is offered for download is identical to the file that you produce with dd, so use the official .trx instead of this method if possible!


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