This page is intended to describe the support status, capabilities, and functional restrictions for mwlwifi. This wifi driver is open source with a closed source binary providing mac80211 support for the Marvell 88W8x64 802.11ac chip series found in Linksys WRT AC Series devices.

Marvell maintains the source code at

Bugs and issues can be reported at

The latest git commits for mwlwifi in the official OpenWrt repository.

There are some special considerations listed on github to take into account using features such as the 5GHz channels.

Divested's builds include the latest kernel and mwlwifi driver. They are built periodically with security focused features added. Forum:

Pre-compiled driver packages that can be installed on top of stable releases. These are not updated frequently as the latest drivers are included in official OpenWrt builds with these chips. Discussion:

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