mountd Configuration

FIXME mountd is obsolete. As of December 2018, this is replaced by “fstools” (which handles block mount with the block binary) and “blockd” (which handles autofs)

The /etc/config/mountd configuration is provided by the mountd package. The mountd configuration file defines parameters for the OpenWrt automount daemon, a small programm that will automount USB storage devices.

The configuration file consists of a section defining the mountd options.


The mountd section defines general daemon options. This is the default configuration for this section:

config 'mountd' 'mountd'
    option 'timeout' '60'
    option 'path' '/tmp/mounts/'

The mountd section contains these settings:

Name Type Required Default Description
timeout integer
path string
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  • Last modified: 2019/08/26 11:37
  • by vgaetera