Zerotier creates a virtual network between hosts.

opkg update
opkg install zerotier
  • Create the virtual network on Zerotier Central. Note the Network ID.
  • Add the virtual network to the Openwrt zerotier config
uci add zerotier my_new_network
uci add_list zerotier.@my_new_network[-1].join=<network_id_from_zerotier_central>
uci set zerotier.@my_new_network[-1].enabled='1'
uci commit zerotier
/etc/init.d/zerotier restart
  • When a new virtual network is joined, a secret will be generated, which may take a while. When it's finished, the secret will be saved in /etc/config/zerotier, and the device will join the virtual network.
    • Typical communication with Zerotier peers will happen on UDP port 9993, and no additional configuration is needed for an out-of-the-box router configuration.
  • To use the virtual network, the device must be authorized on Zerotier Central by clicking the “Auth?” box next to the device under Members
  • Device connectivity can be seen by using the “status” command
zerotier-cli status
  • Some services (eg dropbear, luci) may need to be reconfigured to allow access from the new Zerotier virtual interface. The easy way is to un-restrict them from specific networks/interfaces.
    • For dropbear (allow access from anywhere, potentially unsafe):
cat /etc/config/dropbear 

config dropbear
	option PasswordAuth 'on'
	option Port '22'
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  • Last modified: 2022/09/20 22:45
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