AOE ((s)ATA over Ethernet) with vblade

The vblade target allows other computers on your network to mount your attached drives over the AOE (ATA over Ethernet) protocol.

config 'vblade'
	option 'shelf'	'1'
	option 'slot'	'1'
	option 'netif'	'eth0'
	option 'device' '/dev/sda'
config 'vblade'
	option 'shelf'	'1'
	option 'slot'	'2'
	option 'netif'	'eth0'
	option 'device' '/dev/sdb
Name Type Required Default Option Description
shelf integer Yes shelf number
solt integer Yes slot number
netif string no? interface on which to allow initiators
device string Yes Block device to export
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  • Last modified: 2021/08/16 20:51
  • by vgaetera