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SSHFS client

SSHFS (Secure SHell FileSystem)

Package: sshfs
Version: 2.2-1
Depends: libfuse, fuse-utils, glib2, libpthread
Status: unknown ok not-installed
Section: net
Architecture: ar71xx
Maintainer: OpenWrt Developers Team <>
MD5Sum: 6cdaa98ff2009b474db3f536fd34e81b
Size: 20929
Filename: sshfs_2.2-1_ar71xx.ipk
Source: feeds/packages/net/sshfs
Description: Mount remote system over sftp.
mkdir /mnt/internet
sshfs user@host:/remote/dir /mnt/internet

manpage of sshfs


  • shfs / shfsmount are quite old (ca. 2004) alternatives to sshfs.
  • shfs is not available as openwrt package.
shfsmount -P 2222 user@host /mnt/shfs

To specify another ssh option:

shfsmount --cmd="ssh -c blowfish %u@%h /bin/bash" user@host:/tmp /mnt/shfs/

To make mount survive temporary connection outage (reconnect mode):

shfsmount --persistent user@host /mnt/shfs

Longer transfers? Increase cache size (1MB cache per file):

shfsmount user@host /mnt/shfs -o cachesize=256

To enable symlink resolution:

shfsmount -s user@host /mnt/shfs

To preserve uid (gid) (NFS replace mode :-)):

shfsmount root@host /mnt/shfs -o preserve,rmode=755

To see what is wrong (forces kernel debug output too):

shfsmount -vvv user@host /mnt/shfs

Mount without password using identity file

shfsmount --cmd="ssh -i /identity/file/path %u@%h /bin/bash" user@host:/tmp /mnt/shfs/

getting warning: ssh nodelay workaround disabled?

sshfs does not handle the certificate negotiation, so you have to

ssh user@host 
The authenticity of host '[host] ([])' can't be established.
RSA key fingerprint is b3:b2:4f:53:bc:b9:40:c4:48:af:7a:a5:a3:1a:3f:51.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?
answer with y(es) here

See for further details.

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