udpxy ('you-dee-pixie') is an IPTV stream relay: forwards multicast UDP streams to HTTP clients (subscribers).

The file /etc/config/udpxy provides the configuration for the udpxy package.

There is only one unnamed section of type udpxy defined. Only one instance of this section is allowed.

Below is the listing of defined options for the udpxy section.

Name Type Required Default Description
verbose Boolean no false Enables verbose output
status Boolean no true Enables client statistics
bind IPv4 Address/Interface no Address/Interface to listen on
port Port number no 4022 Port to listen on
source IPv4 Address/Interface no Address/Interface of multicast source
max_clients Number no 3 Max clients to serve
log_file File no /var/log/udpxy Log output to file
buffer_size Number no 4096 Buffer size for inbound multicast data
buffer_messages Number no 1 Maximum messages to store in buffer
buffer_time Number no 1 Maximum time (s) to hold data in buffer
nice_increment Number no 0 Nice value increment
mcsub_renew Number no 0 Renew multicast subscription periodicity
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