Privoxy is a non-caching web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities for enhancing privacy, modifying web page data and HTTP headers, controlling access, and removing ads and other obnoxious Internet junk. Privoxy has a flexible configuration and can be customized to suit individual needs and tastes. It has application for both stand-alone systems and multi-user networks.

Use opkg to install the privoxy package.

opkg update
opkg install privoxy
vi /etc/config/privoxy
/etc/init.d/privoxy enable
/etc/init.d/privoxy start

:!: Since OpenWrt Chaos Calmer (trunk) there is also available a corresponding LuCI application to support setting of Privoxy configuration via Web-GUI.
:!: Require Privoxy v3.0.22 package

Change the listen-address in /etc/config/privoxy to your router ip address such as listen-address You need change default setting permit-access to something else if you use a different subnet.

Last you need start up the proxy server with command /etc/init.d/privoxy start.
To have it start on boot, enable the init script with /etc/init.d/privoxy enable.

You'll need to add the proxy information to your internet browser to use it.

:!: Since OpenWrt Chaos Calmer (trunk) / Privoxy v3.0.22 the /etc/privoxy/config file is no longer used :!:
The configuration was moved to the UCI configuration /etc/config/privoxy.
All Privoxy configuration variables are still supported.

Due to UCI does not support variables names with “-” this needs to be replaced by “_”
Sample: privoxy “listen-address” must be UCI “listen_address”

If you add entries please use:
* option for options with one parameter (option confdir)
* list for options with multiple parameters (list listen_address)
* special handling for debug option: privoxy option “debug 1024” must be UCI “option debug_1024 '1' “
Please see sample below

Below is an example of the /etc/privoxy/config file (deprecated--see below for current version)

confdir                      /etc/privoxy
logdir                       /var/log
filterfile                   default.filter
logfile                      privoxy
actionsfile                  match-all.action  # Actions that are applied to all sites and maybe overruled later on.
actionsfile                  default.action    # Main actions file
toggle                       0
enable-remote-toggle         1
enable-remote-http-toggle    0
enable-edit-actions          1
enforce-blocks               0
buffer-limit                 4096
forwarded-connect-retries    0
accept-intercepted-requests  0
allow-cgi-request-crunching  0
split-large-forms            0
keep-alive-timeout           300
socket-timeout               300
debug                        1     # show each GET/POST/CONNECT request
#debug                       4096  # or Startup banner and warnings
#debug                       8192  # or Errors - *we highly recommended enabling this*

Below is an example of the current /etc/config/privoxy file used since Privoxy v3.0.22

config	privoxy	'privoxy'
	option	confdir		'/etc/privoxy'
	option	logdir		'/var/log'
	option	logfile		'privoxy.log'
	list	filterfile	'default.filter'
#	list	filterfile	'user.filter'
	list	actionsfile	'match-all.action'
	list	actionsfile	'default.action'
#	list	actionsfile	'user.action'
#	list	listen_address	''
	list	listen_address	''
	option	toggle		'0'
	option	enable_remote_toggle	'1'
	option	enable_remote_http_toggle	'0'
	option	enable_edit_actions	'1'
	option	enforce_blocks		'0'
	option	buffer_limit		'4096'
	option	forwarded_connect_retries	'0'
	option	accept_intercepted_requests	'0'
	option	allow_cgi_request_crunching	'0'
	option	split_large_forms	'0'
	option	keep_alive_timeout	'300'
	option	socket_timeout		'300'
	list	permit_access		''
	option	debug_1		'0'
	option	debug_512	'1'
	option	debug_1024	'0'
	option	debug_4096	'1'
	option	debug_8192	'1'
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