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  • Install all needed packages
    • opkg install collectd collectd-mod-cpu collectd-mod-disk collectd-mod-iptables collectd-mod-load collectd-mod-memory collectd-mod-ping collectd-mod-rrdtool collectd-mod-uptime rrdtool uhttpd nano # 1.6 MB of space needed
  • Configure collectd.conf file
    • nano /etc/collectd.conf
  • Enable and start collectd service
    • /etc/init.d/collectd enable
    • /etc/init.d/collectd start
  • Enable uhttpd web server
    • /etc/init.d/uhttpd enable
    • /etc/init.d/uhttpd start
  • Enable traffic monitoring
    • echo “iptables -N traffic” » /etc/rc.local
    • echo “iptables -I FORWARD -j traffic” » /etc/rc.local
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