KSMBD is a server which implements SMB3 protocol in kernel space for sharing files over your network. It can be used as a Samba alternative.

To use ksmbd with LuCI install luci-app-ksmbd which will automatically install the server and dependencies. To use ksmbd only on the command line install ksmbd-server and ksmbd-tools.

If you are sharing a USB or eSATA drive make sure you also install the drivers and filesystem outlined on the Samba prerequisites page.

In LuCI, go to Services → Network Shares. Here you can assign the interface, name the shares, and path to the drive folder, e.g. /mnt/sda1.

For command line, the UCI configuration file is located at /etc/config/ksmbd. Some options are hardcoded in the /etc/ksmbd/ksmb.conf.template.

This example assumes you have a block device attached on /mnt/sda1 (typical Linux/OpenWrt mount points).
Multiple devices and shares may be added by providing a config share section with a name and mount location for each.

To access storage anonymously over the LAN using the nobody/nogroup user, first assign ownership for all files and directories at these mounting points to that user:

chown -R nobody:nogroup /mnt/sda1

Configure shares in LuCI → Services → Network Shares or by editing /etc/config/ksmbd:

config globals
	option workgroup 'WORKGROUP'
	option description 'Ksmbd on OpenWrt'
	option interface 'lan'

config share
	option name 'ssd'
	option path '/mnt/sda1'
	option read_only 'no'
	option guest_ok 'yes'
	option create_mask '0666'
	option dir_mask '0777'

On devices with sufficient RAM (typically >256MB) performance can be improved, increase or comment out the preset buffer limits in LuCI → Services → Network Shares → Edit Template. Save and apply:

	#smb2 max read = 512K
	#smb2 max write = 512K
	#smb2 max trans = 512K

The globals section contains share-independent options.

Name Type Required Default Description
workgroup string no WORKGROUP Workgroup name
description string no Ksmbd on OpenWrt Server description
allow_legacy_protocols boolean no 0 Enables support for insecure versions of SMB3 protocol
Name Type Required Default Description
name string yes (none) Share name that will be displayed in a file browser
path string yes (none) Directory path
comment string no (none)
users string no (none)
create_mask number no (none) chmod mask for created files
dir_mask number no (none) chmod mask for created directories
browseable string no (none)
read_only string no (none)
writeable string no (none)
guest_ok string no (none)
force_root boolean no (none)
write_list string no (none)
read_list string no (none)
users string no (none)
hide_dot_files string no (none)
veto_files string no (none)
inherit_owner string no (none)
force_create_mode string no (none)
force_directory_mode string no (none)
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