ksmbd in an in-kernel server for sharing files over network. It implements SMB3 protocol and can be used as a Samba alternative.

The UCI configuration file is located at /etc/config/ksmbd. It can be edited using LuCI after installing luci-app-ksmbd package.

Some options are hardcoded in the /etc/ksmbd/smb.conf.template.

The globals section contains share-independent options.

Name Type Required Default Description
workgroup string no WORKGROUP Workgroup name
description string no Ksmbd on OpenWrt Server description
allow_legacy_protocols boolean no 0 Enables support for insecure versions of SMB3 protocol
Name Type Required Default Description
name string yes (none) Share name that will be displayed in a file browser
path string yes (none) Directory path
comment string no (none)
users string no (none)
create_mask number no (none) chmod mask for created files
dir_mask number no (none) chmod mask for created directories
browseable string no (none)
read_only string no (none)
writeable string no (none)
guest_ok string no (none)
force_root boolean no (none)
write_list string no (none)
read_list string no (none)
users string no (none)
hide_dot_files string no (none)
veto_files string no (none)
inherit_owner string no (none)
force_create_mode string no (none)
force_directory_mode string no (none)
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  • Last modified: 2022/08/10 09:25
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