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uShare configuration

There are several implementations of the UPnP protocol. The uShare server is one of the best candidates for use with a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 for sharing music or video.


opkg update opkg install ushare


There is only one section ushare defined for the configuration in /etc/config/ushare.


Example entry to have a functional UPnP server working with a PlayStation 3.

config 'ushare' option 'content_directories' '/mnt/usb-drive,/mnt/fileserver' option 'disable_telnet' '1' option 'disable_webif' '0' option 'options' '-p 8010 -d'

The following options are defined for the ushare section:

Name Type Required Default CLI option Description
enabled boolean no 1 n/a Disable the uShare instance if set to 0
username string no nobody n/a Specifies the user account uShare is running with
servername string no OpenWrt -n Specifies the network name of the UPnP server
interface string no br-lan -i Specifies the interfaces uShare is listening on
content_directories list of directory paths yes /tmp -c Comma separated (!) list of directories to share
disable_telnet boolean no 0 -t Disables Telnet access to uShare if set to 1
disable_webif boolean no 0 -w Disables HTTP access to uShare if set to 1
options string no none n/a Additional command line args passed to uShare

Additional useful command line args for use with options are listed below.

CLI option Description
-d Use DLNA compliant profile (PlayStation3 needs this sometimes)
-x Use Xbox 360 compliant profile
-p port Serve HTTP on given port
-q port Serve Telnet on given port

See also uShare command line args full list.

If your target device is a Xbox then you will need the option -x.
If the target device is a PlayStation 3 you might need the option -d.
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