DC overview

DC (Direct Connect) and ADC (Advanced Direct Connect) are both Communications protocols.

  • Official specifications for the DC protocol were never released, but there is a lot of FOSS utilizing the protocol; see here: WP, here: ptokax wiki, or ...
  • For the ADC protocol there are official specifications at: http://adc.sourceforge.net/ADC.html
  • The Wikipedia maintains an overview over available software for server (called hubs) and clients supporting the DC/ADC protocols

Here you find HowTos to help you install and configure them on OpenWrt:

  • dc.opendchub opendchub is a Unix/Linux version of the hub software for the Direct Connect network written in C
  • dc.uHub uhub is a high performance peer-to-peer hub for the ADC network written in C published under the GPLv3 with IPv6 support
  • PtokaX Установка PtokaX для LEDE (DCBEELINEKZ)

Unless the maintainers provide precompiled binaries (compiled against uCLibC for the Instruction set of your device), you need to crosscompile the sources yourself:


  • install opendchub
    opkg update
    opkg install opendchub
  • now execute

    and answer the questions. The default port is 411

  • to view the options of opendchub execute
    opendchub -h
  • edit /root/.opendchub/config and set hub_hostname to the hostname of your router
  • to see if everything works well, start opendchub in debug mode:
    opendchub -d
  • for normal mode, execute
  • Optionally add an entry to your /etc/rc.local to start opendchub when the router boots.
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