BoxBackup Server Configuration (bbstored)

There is one bbstored section which is used to build the bbstored.conf used by the initscript.

Sanitized from a working example:

config 'bbstored'
        option 'accountdb' '/opt/etc/bbstored/accounts.txt'
        option 'extlog'    '1'
        option 'user'      'bbstored'
        option 'group'     'bbstored'
        option 'address'   ''
        option 'certfile'  '/etc/bbstored/'
        option 'keyfile'   '/etc/bbstored/'
        option 'cafile'    '/etc/bbstored/'

The bbstored section contains these settings:

Name Type Required Default Description
config_path string no /var/etc/boxbackup Where to stash the temporary config file (which is what is actually used by the daemon).
raidfileconf string no /var/etc/boxbackup/raidfile.conf The file to use for defining the actual storage (which boxbackup calls raidfile for historical reasons)
accountdb string no /etc/bbstored/accounts.txt The accounts 'database'. Managed by bbstoreaccounts and required by bbstored, but must be present (but can be empty) before you can run bbstoreaccounts to create an account store. Must be persistent across boots.
extlog boolean no 1 Whether to do Extended Logging of connections with the clients
housekeep_time integer no 900 Seconds between housekeeping runs
user string no nobody User to run as
group string no nogroup Group to own the temporary config file directory
address IP Address or hostname yes (none) IP Address or hostname of host running the server. Must be resolvable to self by bbstored.
certfile string yes (none) OpenSSL certificate file for this server
keyfile string yes (none) OpenSSL private key for this server
cafile string yes (none) Certficate Authority (CA) certificate which we recognize as allowed for clients that want to connect
pidfile string no /var/run/ Path to PID file

There can be multiple raidfile sections each of which must have a unique setnum, and which are used to define a backup store to be used by accounts. (bbstoreaccounts is used to create an account associate with a backup store).

Sanitized from a working example:

config 'raidfile'
        option 'setnum'    '0'
        option 'blocksize' '1024'
        option 'path'      '/srv/backups'

The raidfile sections contain these settings:

Name Type Required Default Description
setnum integer yes (none) The integer number associated with the backup store. Must not change.
blocksize integer no 1024 Blocksize to use for storing data in the store. Defaults to fs blocksize
path string yes (none) Path to the backup store. Must be read-write for the bbstored user.
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