Networking Benchmarks

(However such guides only apply for hardware running the factory firmware, once openwrt or any third-party firmware is installed, the network capabilities will switch to the network stack in openwrt or any third-party firmware used)

  • see wireless.overview for diverse tools available in the OpenWrt package respos; (security is a again different field then benchmarking throughput and latency if you are bored)
  • puppet, etc etc
    • In I noticed “sirq” consuming 99% of the CPU (e.g. Ticket 7356)
    • ksoftirqd is the kernel thread responsible for servicing software IRQs which is the context in which Ethernet frames are processe for the RX path, what this means here is:
    1. you are CPU bound; the hardware might be moving packet faster but software cannot keep up
    2. the NAPI implementation (if existing in the driver) might need some tweaking, in particular I see no likely(__napi_schedule_prep) for instance
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  • Last modified: 2019/07/09 19:28
  • by tmomas