see devicepage

The recovery method is described on the devicepage.

BrandModelVersionSupported Current RelRecovery method(s)Comment recoveryDevice PageDevice Techdata
7LinksPX-488519.07.2TFTP generic, see devicepagepx4885View/Edit data
ALFA NetworkTube2H19.07.6see devicepagealfa_network_tube2hpView/Edit data
ALFA NetworkTube2HP19.07.6see devicepagealfa_network_tube2hpView/Edit data
ALFA NetworkTube2HP-F19.07.6see devicepagealfa_network_tube2hpView/Edit data
ARC FlexFreeStation 5v119.07.6U-Boot TFTP + serial recovery, see devicepagefreestationView/Edit data
ArubaAP-10519.07.6see devicepagearuba_ap-105View/Edit data
ASUSRT-N1619.07.6Asus Firmware Restoration tool, CFE TFTP recovery, see devicepagert-n16View/Edit data
AsusWL-500g Premiumv119.07.6Asus Firmware Restoration tool, CFE TFTP recovery, see devicepagewl500gpView/Edit data
AsusWL-500g Premiumv219.07.6Asus Firmware Restoration tool, CFE TFTP recovery, see devicepagewl500gpView/Edit data
AsusRT-N56UA119.07.6Asus Firmware Restoration tool, U-Boot TFTP recovery, see devicepagert-n56uView/Edit data
AsusRT-AC56U19.07.6Asus Firmware Restoration tool, CFE TFTP recovery, see devicepagert-ac56uView/Edit data
AsusRT-AC87U19.07.6Asus Firmware Restoration tool, CFE TFTP recovery, see devicepagert-ac87uView/Edit data
ASUSRT-ACRH1319.07.6see devicepagert-ac58uView/Edit data
ASUSRT-AC1300UHP19.07.6see devicepagert-ac58uView/Edit data
AVMFRITZ!Box 733019.07.6see data
BuffaloWHR-600D19.07.6see devicepagewhr-600dView/Edit data
COMFASTCF-E120Av319.07.6U-Boot web recovery, see devicepageSee the device page on the wiki for data
COMFASTCF-EW72snapshotsee devicepageHTTP server at when powered on with reset button pressed.comfast_cf-ew72View/Edit data
D-LinkDIR-330A119.07.6CFE TFTP + serial recovery, see devicepagedir-330View/Edit data
D-LinkDIR-645A119.07.6D-Link Recovery GUI, U-Boot TFTP + serial recovery, see devicepagedir-645View/Edit data
D-LinkDWR-512B19.07.6JBoot web recovery, see devicepaged-link_dwr-512_bView/Edit data
D-LinkDIR-600B6, B6E19.07.6D-Link Recovery GUI, see devicepagedir-300revbView/Edit data
D-LinkDIR-68519.07.6see devicepagedir-685View/Edit data
D-LinkDWR-118A119.07.6JBoot web recovery, see devicepage, see git-commitd-link_dwr-118View/Edit data
DavolinkDV-201AMR19.07.6CFE TFTP + serial recovery, CFE web recovery, see devicepagedv-201amrView/Edit data
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