Recovery can be done via JTAG.

BrandModelVersionSupported Current RelRecovery method(s)Comment recoveryDevice PageDevice Techdata
Arcadyan / AstoriaVGV7519KW (KPN Experia Box v8)R0122.03.5brnboot web recovery, JTAGvgv7519View/Edit data
Arcadyan / AstoriaVGV7519KW (KPN Experia Box v8)R0222.03.5brnboot web recovery, JTAGvgv7519View/Edit data
LibrerouterLibreRouterv122.03.5JTAG, Serial, U-Boot TFTP + serial recoveryView/Edit data
SinovoipBananaPi BPi R3V1.0, V1.1snapshotJTAG, SD card, see devicepage, U-Boot TFTP + serial recovery, U-Boot TFTP recoverydual-boot capable U-Boot built from source is part of OpenWrt buildbananapi_bpi_r3_v1.0_v1.1View/Edit data
TelseyCPVA502+19.07.10CFE TFTP + serial recovery, JTAG, see devicepagecpva502.wView/Edit data
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  • by tmomas