AVM recovery tool

Many AVM devices can be unbricked by a AVM recovery tool which is specific to your device.

Example: For Fritz!Box 7530 https://download.avm.de/fritzbox/fritzbox-7530/other/recover/

Search the corresponding recovery tool for your specific device on the AVM FTP server.

If you have a branded (e.g. 1&1) AVM device and you get the following message

The device contains basic settings adapted for your Internet Service Provider

when trying to go back to OEM firmware via the AVM recovery tool, you have to unbrand your device first. See the procedure below how to do this.

  1. Set your PCs IP to 192.168.178.x/24 (where x is not 1) and the default gateway to
  2. Turn off your router, ensure your PC is connected to LAN1 via Ethernet, and turn the router back on.
  3. Wait for the interface to become active (usually indicated by LEDs on your PC's Ethernet port) and connect to the bootloader's FTP server, e.g. ftp -n
  4. If connecting to the bootloader's FTP server fails with 'connection refused': It has been reported that some models require a magic UDP packet exchange before the FTP connection is accepted by the router. This can also be required for some Fritz!Box 7530 routers. There are two possibilities to enable the connection:
    1. Run tha AVM recovery tool until the prompt appears that warns 'The device contains basic settings adapted for your Internet Service Provider'. At this point, leave the prompt open and the tool running, and the FTP connection should be possible.
  5. Once connected to the FTP server, issue the following set of commands:
        quote USER adam2
        quote PASS adam2
        quote SETENV firmware_version avm
        quote UNSETENV provider

    Not sure if it's necessary to change the firmware_version variable.

  6. Run the recovery tool (or re-start it, if it was already running to enable connecting to the FTP server), but make sure you do not reset the device, otherwise the environment variables will go back to their default values. Even if the recovery tool asks you to power cycle the device, do not do it.
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