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The UCI configuration file, which needs to be placed at /etc/config/users on your OpenWrt installation, serves as a central user database for different services. Therefore, unlike most Unix/Linux systems, with OpenWrt, you do not have to create additional users by editing /etc/passwd. For more information about OpenWrt configuration files, see configuration_files.

enabledbooleanno0Active flag. User is available for authentication (=1) or not (=0)
namestringyes(none)Name of the user
passwordstringyes(none)Password of the user
xauthbooleanno0User is available for IPsec road warrior XAuth hybrid authentication if set to 1
crt_subjectstringno(none)Subject of the user/machine certificate for road warriors
config 'user'
  option 'enabled' '1'
  option 'name' 'otto'
  option 'password' 'this_is_ottos_password'
  option 'xauth' '1'
  option 'crt_subject' ''

The short answer is YES, but before proceeding, you should be aware of an important caveat.

If you prefer to create new users and manage existing users by using the traditional Unix/Linux commands such as useradd and passwd, you will need to install additional packages that require precious amounts of storage space. For most embedded devices, if you have not installed and configured additional memory, these packages will be much too large for your stock device. However, if your hardware supports storage such as USB, at the time of this update, 64 GB USB drives can be purchased for less than $10 USD.

Follow the guide located at create_a_non-privileged_user_in_openwrt.

Visit storage.

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