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Accessing the OpenWrt web admin GUI

OpenWrt has a web admin GUI called “LuCi”.

  • If your OpenWrt device has been configured as a router or gateway with default settings, LuCi is listening on your local IP subnet's default gateway address
  • If your OpenWrt device has been configured as WiFi access point, network client or switch, LuCi's address depends on the IP address you have manually configured for your OpenWrt device. You can also try, to use a local network scanner or your regular router's status page to find out the device IP address.

You need to use the “root” password to successfully access LuCi, 'root' is the default admin account of your OpenWrt device. On a freshly installed OpenWrt device, there is no password set yet for the 'root' account, you can just enter right away. Please make sure to set an individual 'root' password as soon as possible.

If you are unable to access your OpenWrt device, due to messed up IP address/root password configuration, refer to the troubleshooting section of the user guide, to reset the OpenWrt device's settings.

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