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ubus system

Procedure Signature Description
board {} returns board specific information like model and distribution code name, revision
info {} returns real-time information about the system. “uptime”: 20756, “localtime”: 1444142264, “load”: [ 7264, 3040, 3520 ], “memory”: { “total”: 29601792, “free”: 7344128, “shared”: 458752, “buffered”: 2166784 }, “swap”: { “total”: 0, “free”: 0 }
upgrade {} *TODO*
watchdog {“frequency”:“Integer”,“timeout”:“Integer”,“stop”:“Boolean”,“magicclose”:“Boolean”} controls the watchdog. *ubus call system watchdog '{ “stop”: true“}'* only stops the thread triggering the watchdog. The watchdog is still counting down unless a second process is triggering the watchdog unless you enable 'magicclose', then you can manually tickle '/dev/watchdog'.
signal {“pid”:“Integer”,”signum“:“Integer”} send a signal to a process. See man kill
nandupgrade {“path”:“String”} *TODO*

There is a detailed blog post showing how to use, configure and manually take control over hardware watchdog with ubus commands.

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