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Networking... is packet based

Information (data) is broken into packets prior to being transported to its destination(s). read more...


Networking in the Linux Kernel

Above we read merely about the theory of networking, about the basic ideas, about communication protocols and standards. read more...

Network Interfaces

Types of network interfaces

GNU/Linux universally distinguishes two types of network interfaces:



Routing is the process of selecting paths in a network along which to send network traffic. read more...


Well, let's consider what you already know, that data communication, that is, the exchange and transfer of information, or data, takes place in chunks and not as a continuous flow. read more...

You find the sources for this functionality /net/netfilter

Traffic Control

Traffic Control is the umbrella term for packet prioritizing, traffic shaping, bandwidth limiting, AQM (Active Queue Management), etc. read more...

You find the sources for this functionality /net/sched/

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