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ubus network

* netifd provides network

Design of netifd

Path Procedure Signature Description
network restart { } Restart the network, reconfigures all interfaces
network reload { } Reload the network, reconfigure as needed
network.device status { “name”: “ifname” } Dump status of given network device ifname
network.device set_state { “name”: “ifname”, “defer”: deferred } Defer or ready the given network device ifname, depending on the boolean value deferred up { } Bring interface name up down { } Bring interface name down status { } Dump status of interface name prepare { } Prepare setup of interface name add_device { “name”: “ifname” } Add network device ifname to interface name (e.g. for bridges: brctl addif br-name ifname) remove_device { “name”: “ifname” } Remove network device ifname from interface name (e.g. for bridges: brctl delif br-name ifname) remove { } Remove interface name (?)
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