Adding new developers

If the new developer does not yet have a forum account, he needs to register in the forum first and create one.

When the forum account has successfully been created, the new developer needs to be added to the developers group.

  1. Go to Userprofile → Admin → Groups
  2. Custom → Select developer
  3. Primary group → Select developer
  4. Done, new user has now been added to the developer group

Add the developer's public SSH key to gitolite under the desired username. The developer can then continue to set up their staging repository.

Make the developer owner of the OpenWrt organisation on GitHub. This enables managing issues and pull requests, commits are mirrored automatically from

Request with the maintainer(s) of to have the user added to the OpenWrt project as maintainer with their username.

Three things need to be done to add a new developer to the wiki:

  1. Create wiki account for new developer
  2. Create new developer page in the wiki
  3. Add new developer to group “developer”

:!: Only developers/admins are allowed to add new developers.

  1. Login to the wiki
  2. Enter developer nickname in the field below.
  3. Click Add page
  1. Admin → User Manager
  2. Search for the new developers account
  3. Click on the username
  4. Edit user → add “developer” to his Groups field
  5. Click Save changes
  6. Done, user has now been added to the developer group
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  • Last modified: 2022/07/07 15:29
  • by tmomas