OpenWrt talks and slides

This is a collection of talks and slides about OpenWrt. Please add more.

Some Linux conferences offer embedded tracks and talks about the Linux network infrastructure or driver development and debugging that can be applied to OpenWrt.

Date Event Video Link
2015-10-08 OpenWrt Summit 2015, Dublin, IE* youtube channel
2016 OpenWrt Summit 2016, Berlin, DE Playlist
2017 OpenWrt Summit 2017, Prague, CZ Playlist
2018 OpenWRT Summit 2018, Lisbon, PT list of videos yt video

* archived

2022-07 - Robert Hernandez, SCaLE 19x, Building SCaLE's OpenWrt Conference WiFi, slides + video


Event Location Description / Relation to OpenWrt
BattleMesh varies Hacking routers, creating and comparing routing protocols.
Freifunk WCW Berlin Freifunk utilizes OpenWrt to create community firmwares.
Event Location Description / Relation to OpenWrt
Embedded Linux Conference varies OpenWrt targets typically are embedded systems or are communicating with them
LinuxCon EU/NA varies
FOSDEM Brussels embedded track

Freifunk-Gluon is a firmware based on OpenWrt. Other wireless community firmwares are often based on OpenWrt too. Developers and users meet up at CCC and other community events like BattleMesh.

Date Event Link
2017-12 34C3, Leipzig, DE,
2018-12 35C3, Leipzig, DE, OIO
2019-12 36C3, Leipzig, DE, OIO
2016 BattleMesh v09, Porto, PT yt playlist
2017 BattleMesh v10, Vienna, AT yt playlist
2018 BattleMesh v11, Berlin, DE
2019-07 Battlemesh v12, Saint-Denis, FR
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