Vea también Objetivos

Nombre objetivo Plataforma Arquitectura Endianidad Desarrollador(es)
adm5120 Infineon/ADMtek ADM5120 MIPS big/little florian, juhosg
adm8668 Infineon/ADMtek ADM8668 MIPS little florian
apm821xx ? ? ? ?
ar7 Texas Instruments AR7 MIPS big/little florian
ar71xx Qualcomm Atheros ar71xx, ar72xx, ar91xx, ar93xx, qca95xx
(deprecated, see ath79)
MIPS big juhosg, Kaloz
arc770 Synopsys DesignWare ARC 770D ARC little abrodkin
archs38 Synopsys DesignWare ARC HS38 ARC little abrodkin
at91 Atmel AT91 ARM little hcg,claudio
ath25 ? ? ? ?
ath79 Qualcomm Atheros ar71xx, ar72xx, ar91xx, ar93xx, qca95xx MIPS big ?
atheros Atheros AR231x/5312 MIPS big nbd, Kaloz
au1000 RMI/AMD Alchemy 1500/1550 MIPS little florian, nico
avr32 Atmel AT32AP7000 AVR32 big Kaloz
bcm53xx Broadcom BCM47xx/53xx ARM little rmilecki
brcm-2.4 Broadcom BCM47xx/53xx MIPS little nbd, pavlov
brcm2708 Broadcom BCM2708 ARM little florian
brcm47xx Broadcom BCM47xx/53xx MIPS little nbd, mbm, pavlov
brcm63xx Broadcom BCM63xx MIPS big florian, cshore?, jogo
cns3xxx Cavium Networks CNS3xxx ARM big Kaloz
cobalt Cobalt Microservers MIPS32/64 little florian
ep93xx Cirrus Logic EP93xx ARM little florian
gemini Cortina CS351x (StormSemi SL351x) ARM little Kaloz
imx23 Freescale i.MX23 series ARM little wigyori
imx6 ? ? ? ?
iop32x Intel IOP32x ARM little Kaloz
ipq40xx Qualcomm Atheros IPQ40xx ARM ? ?
ipq806x Qualcomm Atheros IPQ806x ARM ? ?
ipq807x Qualcomm Atheros IPQ807x ARM ? ?
ixp4xx Intel IXP42x ARM big Kaloz, rwhitby
kirkwood Marvell MV88F61xx/MV88F62xx ARM little Kaloz
lantiq Lantiq FALC-ON/XWAY MIPS big & little blogic?
layerscape ? ? ? ?
magicbox AMCC PowerPC 405 PowerPC big nbd, Kaloz
malta MIPS Technologies Inc. Malta CoreLV MIPS32/64 big & little florian
mcs814x Moschip MCS814x ARM little florian
mediatek ? ? ? ?
mpc52xx Freescale MPC52xx PowerPC big juhosg
mpc83xx Freescale MPC83xx PowerPC big Kaloz
mpc85xx Freescale MPC85xx PowerPC big Kaloz
mvebu Marvell Armada XP/370 ARM little luka, Kaloz
mxs Freeescale i.MX23/28 ARM little wigyori
netlogic Broadcom/Netlogic XLP/XLR MIPS64 big florian
octeon Cavium Networks Octeon MIPS64 big Kaloz, blogic?
octeon_tx ? ? ? ?
olpc x86 x86 little ryd?, blogic?
omap ? ? ? ?
orion Marvell MV88F518x/MV88F528x ARM little Kaloz
oxnas PLXTECH/Oxford NAS782x/OX82x ARM little dangole
pistachio MIPS interAptiv cXT200 MIPS little wigyori, luka
ppc40x AMCC PPC40x PowerPC big Kaloz
ppc44x AMCC PPC44x PowerPC big Kaloz
ps3 Sony PS3 Game Console PowerPC64 big geoff
pxa Marvell/Intel PXA250 ARM little Kaloz
ramips Ralink RT28xx/RT305X MIPS little Kaloz, juhosg, blogic?
rb532 Mikrotik RouterBoard 532 MIPS little nbd, florian
realview ARM Ltd. Realview EB ARM little florian
rdc RDC321x/RDC861x i486 little florian
rockchip Rockchip RK33xx ARM little manawyrm
sibyte Broadcom/SiByte SB1 MIPS32/64 big/little Kaloz
sunxi AllWinner A1x/A20 ARM little wigyori
uml User Mode Linux native native groz?, nico
x86 x86 x86 little nbd, nico, pavlov
xburst ? ? ? ?
zynq ? ? ? ?
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