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  1. Optional, if you have custom configurations outside /etc/config: Go to System > Backup/Flash Firmware > Configuration tab. This will allow you to add your custom configuration files to the /etc/sysupgrade.conf file that is read by sysupgrade when it is backing up files. Click “Submit” when done editing.
  2. 进入 System→Backup\Flash Firmware
  3. 单击“Generate Archive”将配置保存到你的电脑上。文件名的格式为“backup-LEDE-YYYY-MM-DD.tar.gz”.


  1. 进入 System→Backup\Flash Firmware
  2. 单击Restore backup:旁的“Choose file”按钮,选择所需的备份文件。
  3. 单击“Upload Archive”按钮. 之前备份的设置就会被恢复了。
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