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VPN 概览

就像 DMZ一样, VPN是一个security相关的概念, 它并不是一个协议(比如ssh),也不是一个特定的软件包, 在两个或者多个主机间设置VPN,可以使用的软件包有很多种。它们都使用Client-Server concept,并且互相之间通常兼容. 查看下 OSI model,你可以意识到加解密可以在通信协议栈的不同layer上进行.

如果你的硬件支持 Cryptographic Hardware Acceleration,你需要确保它被你的OpenWrt版本支持,并且被使能了.

strongSwan is a recommended IPsec implementation, though some of this documentation may be relevant for other configurations.

You may setup OpenWrt as an OpenConnect VPN client or server. This is a protocol based on SSL/TLS and datagram TLS and is compatible with CISCO's AnyConnect SSL VPN.

There are various openconnect clients, including in GNOME NetworkManager, Windows, and Android.

:!: Not secure! PPTP is broken since 1997. See poptop security message.

  • server describes a PPTP solution with pptpd
  • client Howto install and setup a VPN client compatible with PPTP servers
  • nat_traversal VPN NAT traversal (VPN Pass Through) for single/multiple LAN client(s) connecting to PPTP Servers on the WAN
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