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  • 给第一次快速因特网访问测试:如果你已经有一个路由器了,连接你的LEDE设备的WAN口至那个路由器的LAN口,并且通过以下步骤确保你LEDE设备的可连接性:
    • 在LEDE的web图形用户管理界面, 找到 Network → Diagnostics 点击“ping” 按钮。
    • or, if using LEDE SSH command line, you can use the command ping
    • This should return “0% packet loss” if everything is allright with your Internet connection.
  • Decide, whether you want to use LEDE as switch, router or gateway
  • When using your LEDE device as a WiFi access point, remember to initially set your country code in the LEDE WiFi configuration, to properly comply with your country's WiFi legal regulation!, e.g. see here for a first basic WiFi setup.
  • Consult the User Guide for more advanced configuration.
  • Install custom software packages that you might be interested in.

Troubleshooting your first steps with the new LEDE device:

  • If you have flashed a development/snapshot firmware of LEDE, you first need to manually enable the admin web GUI: development installation guide. Or verify the result on snapshot builds by SSH-connecting to your LEDE device IP
  • You can consult the troubleshooting section of the User Guide, if you think that resetting LEDE's settings might help.
  • You can consult the Installing and Using LEDE forum section, if something went wrong. Please provide specific details of your device and what you did so far and what you have attempted to fix it.
  • Do not worry, if the 5 GHz WiFi does not seem to start immediately after having enabled it. It might be busy for 1-10 min scanning for weather radar, see basic WiFi setup for more background info.
  • Note that you can always run logread on the SSH command line, to gain more insight into what the device is currently doing or to diagnose any kind of problems.
  • If needed, you can also take a look at Troubleshooting Internet Connectivity.
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