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D-Link DIR-825

路由器版本 OpenWrt 支持的版本 Model Specific Notes
A1 不支持
B1 Kamikaze trunk working with trunk as of r18621
B2 Kamikaze trunk working with trunk as of r25121
B1/2 Attitude Adjustment trunk Newer revisions (FW 2.05EU) store mac-addresses differently, which leads to non-working wlan0/1. Working with trunk as of r29119

NOTE: B2 版似乎只是标签与B1版不同.默认固件和/proc/cpuinfo信息显示B1尽管标签上贴的是B2版

HW Rev CPU Ram Flash Network Gigabit USB Serial JTag
B1/B2 Atheros AR7161@680MHz 64MB 8MB 4×1 Yes Yes Yes Yes


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