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Web Server的配置

This is many releases out of date. uhttpd has been the default web server since at least Attitude Adjustment.

The httpd configuration file defines uci parameters for the web server. For a exhaustive list, please see BusyBox.

The configuration file consists of a single section httpd.

This is the default configuration for this section:

config 'httpd'
        option 'port' '80'
        option 'home' '/www''

The httpd section contains these settings:

Name Type Required Default Description
c_file string no /etc/httpd.conf Path to configuration file.
home string no /www Path to the document root directory.
port integer no 80 Port number the web server should listen on.
realm string no hostname Authentication realm to be presented to clients when authentication is required. The default is the value of system.@system[0].hostname
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