Table of Hardware: SFP ports

Purpose: This ToH version shows devices which are supported by OpenWrt and which have SFP ports.

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  • No support for 4 MB FLASH / 32 MB RAM devices in modern (18.06 and later) OpenWrt. Details...

# BrandModelVersionSupported Current RelUnsupported functionsCPUCPU coresCPU MHzFlash MBRAM MBEthernet 100M portsEthernet Gbit portsComments network portsWLAN HardwareWLAN 2.4GHzWLAN 5.0GHzSwitchDevice Techdata
1Abicom InternationalScorpion SC450Rev 0219.07.10Qualcomm Atheros QCA9550170016, 256NAND256-11x SFPQualcomm Atheros QCA9550-a/n/ac¿View/Edit data
2Abicom InternationalScorpion SC1750419.07.10Qualcomm Atheros QCA9550170016256-21x SFPQCA9890/QCA9892-a/n/ac¿View/Edit data
3D-LinkDGS-1210-10PF1 or newer (older versions are different SoC)21.02.5Realtek RTL8380M150032128-82 gigabit SFP ports, 8x 802.3af/at PoE ports---Realtek RTL8380MView/Edit data
4D-LinkDGS-1210-28F1, F2 or newer (older versions are different SoC)21.02.5Realtek RTL8382M150032128-284x SFP---Realtek RTL8382MView/Edit data
5D-LinkDGS-1210-20F1snapshotRealtek RTL8382M150032128-204 gigabit SFP ports---Realtek RTL8382MView/Edit data
6D-LinkDGS-1210-16G121.02.5Realtek RTL8382M150032128-164 gigabit SFP ports---Realtek RTL8382MView/Edit data
7D-LinkDGS-1210-10MPF1snapshotmode key, poe related ledsRealtek RTL8380M150032128-82 x 100/1000 Mbps SFP ports---Realtek RTL8380MView/Edit data
8DecisoDEC74022.03.2AMD Ryzen Embedded V1500B41600more than 8GB NAND4096-33 dedicated Intel 1G, 2 dedicated AMD SoC 10G SFP+none--no switch but dedicated Intel I210View/Edit data
9EnGeniusEWS2910PsnapshotRealtek RTL8380M150032256-82x Gigabit SFP Slots, PoE+ on 8 Gbit Ports---Realtek RTL8380MView/Edit data
10GlobalscaleMOCHAbin22.03.2Armada 7040 quad core with 4x ARM72 cores at 1.4Ghz41400more than 8GB eMMCmore than 4GB-44x Gb Lan, 1x WAN with POE in/1x 1Gb SFP, 1x 10Gb SFP+¿¿¿Marvell 88E6341 TOPAZView/Edit data
11MarvellMACCHIATObin Double Shot22.03.2Marvell Armada 804041600eMMC, microSD4096-1Dual 10GbE (1/2.5/10GbE) via SFP; 2.5GbE (1/2.5GbE) via SFP----View/Edit data
12MarvellMACCHIATObin Single Shot22.03.2Marvell Armada 804042000eMMC, microSD¿-1Dual 10GbE (1/2.5/10GbE) via SFP; 2.5GbE (1/2.5GbE) via SFP---¿View/Edit data
13MikroTikRB760iGS (hEX S)22.03.2BuzzerMediaTek MT7621A288016, microSD256-51x SFP---MediaTek MT7621AView/Edit data
14MikroTikRB922UAGS-5HPacD19.07.10Qualcomm Atheros QCA95571720128NAND128-11x SFP cageQualcomm Atheros QCA9882-a/n/ac-View/Edit data
15MikroTikRB2011iLS19.07.10Atheros AR93441600128NAND128551x SFP, passive 24 V PoE out on port 10---Atheros AR8327View/Edit data
16MikroTikRB2011LS19.07.10Atheros AR93441600128NAND, 64NAND128551x SFP---Atheros AR8327View/Edit data
17MikroTikRB2011UAS-2HnD19.07.10Atheros AR93441600128NAND128551x SFPAtheros AR9344b/g/n-Atheros AR8327View/Edit data
18MikroTikRB2011UAS19.07.10Atheros AR93441600128NAND128551x SFP---Atheros AR8327View/Edit data
19MikroTikRB2011UAS-2HnD-IN19.07.10Atheros AR93441600128NAND128551x SFP, 10M-1GbitAtheros AR9344b/g/n-¿View/Edit data
20MikroTikRB2011UiAS-2HnD-INr219.07.10Atheros AR93441600128NAND128551x SFP, 10M-1GbitAtheros AR9344b/g/n-¿View/Edit data
21MikroTikRB2011UiAS-2HnD19.07.10Atheros AR93441600128NAND128551x SFP, passive 24 V PoE out on port 10Atheros AR9344b/g/n-Atheros AR8327View/Edit data
22MikroTikRB2011UiASr1, r2, r319.07.10Atheros AR93441600128NAND128551x SFP, passive 24 V PoE out on port 10---Atheros AR8327 (ports 1..5), Atheros AR8227 (ports 6..10)View/Edit data
23NETGEARGS310TPv122.03.2Realtek RTL8380M150032128-82 Gigabit SFP untested--Realtek RTL8380MView/Edit data
24NXPLS1046ARDB22.03.2NXP LS1046A41600128, 4096, 512NAND8192-4additional SFP cage + 2x 10G port----View/Edit data
25SinovoipBananaPi BPi R3V1.0, V1.1snapshotMediaTek MT7986A420008192 eMMC2048-52x 1G/2.5G capable SFP cages, one connected to SoC GMAC1, one connected to MT7531 port 5MediaTek MT7975N, MediaTek MT7975Pb/g/n/axa/n/ac/axMediaTek MT7531View/Edit data
26SolidRunClearFog Base22.03.2Marvell Armada 38021600microSD1024-21x SFP----View/Edit data
27SolidRunClearFog Prov2.122.03.2Marvell Armada 38021600microSD1024-61x SFP, 6x Gbit Switch, 1x Gbit WAN---Marvell 88E6176View/Edit data
28Turris CZ.NICOmniaCZ11NIC13, CZ11NIC20, CZ11NIC2322.03.2RGB LED, secondary CPU uplink to switchMarvell Armada 385 88F6820216008, 8192 eMMC2048-65x LAN, 1x SFPQualcomm Atheros AR9287 miniPCIe, Qualcomm Atheros QCA986x/988x mini-PCIeb/g/na/n/acMarvell 88E6176View/Edit data
29UbiquitiEdgePoint R6 (EP-R6)22.03.2MediaTek MT7621AT2880256NAND256-51x SFP; 1x PoE in/out; 4x PoE out (24V)---¿View/Edit data
30UbiquitiEdgeRouter 422.03.2Cavium CN7130410004096 eMMC, 81024-31 x 1000 Mbps SFP port---¿View/Edit data
31UbiquitiEdgeRouter 6P (ER-6P)22.03.2Cavium CN7130410004096 eMMC, 81024-51 x 1000 Mbps SFP port---¿View/Edit data
32UbiquitiEdgeRouter X-SFP (ER-X-SFP)22.03.2Crypto engine, HwNAT, SFPMediaTek MT7621AT2880256NAND256-51x SFP; 5x PoE out (24V)---MediaTek MT7530View/Edit data
33UbiquitiEdgeRouter Pro (ERPro-8)22.03.2Cavium CN61202100040962048-82xSFP---¿View/Edit data
34ZyXELGS1900-10HPv122.03.2Realtek RTL8380M150016128-82 gigabit SFP ports, 8x 802.3at PoE ports---Realtek RTL8380MView/Edit data
35ZyXELXGS1250-1222.03.2SFP+RTL9302B180016128-83x 10GbE, 1x SFP+---RTL8218DView/Edit data
36ZyXELGS1900-24HPv122.03.2Realtek RTL8382M15001664-242x SFP 100/1000 Mbps, 24x 802.3at PoE ports, total PoE budget 170W---Realtek RTL8382MView/Edit data
37ZyXELGS1900-24HPv222.03.2Realtek RTL8382M150016128-242x SFP 100/1000 Mbps, 24x 802.3at PoE ports, total PoE budget 170W--Realtek RTL8382MView/Edit data
38ZyXELGS1900-24v122.03.2Realtek RTL8382M15001664-242x SFP 100/1000 Mbps--Realtek RTL8382MView/Edit data
39ZyXELGS1900-4822.03.2Realtek RTL8393M170016128-482x SFP 100/1000 Mbps--Realtek RTL8393MView/Edit data
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