Table of Hardware: Phone ports

Purpose: This ToH version shows devices which are supported by OpenWrt and which have Phone ports.

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DO NOT BUY DEVICES WITH 4MB FLASH / 32MB RAM if you intend to flash an up-to-date and secure OpenWrt version (18.06 or later) onto it! See 4/32 warning for details.

1) 4/32 devices do not have sufficient resources (flash and/or RAM) to provide secure and reliable operation. See OpenWrt on 4/32 devices what you can do now.

2) OpenWrt support for 4/32 devices will end after 2019. After 19.07, no further OpenWrt images will be built for 4/32 devices. See OpenWrt on 4/32 devices what you can do now.

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# BrandModelVersionSupported Current RelUnsupported FunctionsCPUPhone portsWLAN 2.4GHzWLAN 5.0GHzModemDevice PageDevice TechdataOWrt Forum Topic URLWikiDevi URLOEM Device Homepage URLComments
1ADBP.DG AV4202N21.02.0DSL modem, FXS, WiFi 2.4GHz partlyBroadcom BCM63682b/g/n-xDSLp.dg_av4202nView/Edit data
2Arcadyan / AstoriaARV4518PWR01A15.05.1Lantiq XWAY Danube2, POTSb/g-ADSL2+ Annex Aarv4518pwView/Edit data squashfs image seen 15.05.1, after this only initramfs
3Arcadyan / AstoriaARV7510PW2221.02.0Lantiq XWAY Danube2b/g/n-ADSL2+ Annex Aarv7510pw22View/Edit data as toh/arcadyan/arv7510pw or not?
4Arcadyan / AstoriaARV7518PW21.02.0Lantiq XWAY Danube2, POTSb/g/n-ADSL2+ Annex Aarv7518pwView/Edit data
5Arcadyan / AstoriaARV7519PW21.02.0Lantiq XWAY Danube PSB 507022b/g/n-ADSL2+arv7519pwView/Edit data
6Arcadyan / AstoriaARV7519RW22 (Livebox 2.1)19.07.8WiFi 2.4GHzLantiq XWAY VRX2882b/g/n-ADSL2+ Annex Aarv7519rw22View/Edit data to the AFE used only ADSL2+ is supported.
7Arcadyan / AstoriaVGV7510KW22 (o2 Box 6431)21.02.0Lantiq XWAY VRX2883, POTSb/g/n-VDSL2vgv7510kw22View/Edit data
8Arcadyan / AstoriaARV752DPW22 (EasyBox 803A)21.02.0Lantiq XWAY Danube2x POTS, 1x ISDNb/g/n-ADSL2+arv752dpw22View/Edit data
9Arcadyan / AstoriaARV752DPW (EasyBox 802)R0121.02.0Lantiq XWAY Danube2, POTSb/g/n-ADSL2+arv752dpwView/Edit data
10Arcadyan / AstoriaARV4519PW18.06.9Lantiq XWAY Danube3¿¿ADSL2+arv4519pwView/Edit data
11Arcadyan / AstoriaARV7506PW1121.02.0Lantiq XWAY Danube2, POTSb/g/n-ADSL2+arv7506pw11View/Edit data Alice IAD 4421 / o2 Box 4421
12Arcadyan / AstoriaARV4510PW21.02.0Lantiq XWAY Danube PSB 507022, POTSb/g-ADSLarv4510pwView/Edit data
13Arcadyan / AstoriaVGV7519KW (KPN Experia Box v8)R0221.02.0Lantiq XWAY VRX288 v1.23, POTSb/g/n-VDSL2vgv7519View/Edit data
14Arcadyan / AstoriaVGV7519KW (KPN Experia Box v8)R0121.02.0Lantiq XWAY VRX288 v1.13, POTSb/g/n-VDSL2vgv7519View/Edit data
15AudioCodesMediapack MP-25221.02.0Lantiq XWAY Danube2, POTSb/g/n-ADSL2+mp-252View/Edit data
16AVMFRITZ!Box 7490PR pendingLantiq XWAY VRX288 / PSB 80920 EL2x POTS, DECT, 1x ISDNb/g/na/n/ data!Box_7490 #2738 pending; See also!Box_7490 (old!Box_Fon_WLAN_7490)
17AVMFRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 717010.03.1WiFi, FXO, FXS, ISDN, LED, DSL not testedTexas Instruments AR72b/ data!Box_Fon_WLAN_7170See also!Box_Fon_WLAN_7170_v1
18AVMFRITZ!Box 7360SL21.02.0DECTLantiq XWAY VRX2881, POTS, DECTb/g/ data!Box_Fon_WLAN_7360_SL IP telephony, there is also a V1 and a V2, ADSL2, ADSL2+, VDSL capable; See also!Box_Fon_WLAN_7360_SL
19AVMFRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 732021.02.0DECT, DSL modem not testedLantiq PSB508121, POTS, DECTb/g/n-ADSL2+ Annex Bavm_fritz_box_7320View/Edit data also!Box_Fon_WLAN_7320
20AVMFRITZ!Box 731221.02.0DECT, FXSLantiq XWAY ARX1882x POTS, DECTb/g/ data also!Box_7312
21AVMFRITZ!Box 733021.02.0DECT, LAN2, FXO, FXSLantiq XWAY ARX188POTS, DECTb/g/ data also!Box_7330
22AVMFRITZ!Box 753021.02.0DECT, DSL modemQualcomm IPQ40191x POTS, DECTb/g/na/n/acxDSLavm_fritz_box_7530View/Edit data!Box_7530 also!Box_7530
23AVMFRITZ!Box 7362SL21.02.0DECT, FXSLantiq XWAY VRX2881x POTS, DECTb/g/n-VDSL2avm_7362_slView/Edit data!Box_7362_SL also!Box_7362_SL
24AVMFRITZ!Box 741221.02.0DECT, FXSLantiq XWAY VRX2201x POTS, DECTb/g/n-VDSL2avm_fritz_box_7412View/Edit data!Box_7412 also!Box_7412
25AVMFRITZ!Box 7360v221.02.0DECTLantiq XWAY VRX2881x POTS, DECTb/g/n-VDSL2avm_fritz_box_7360_v2View/Edit data!Box_Fon_WLAN_7360_v2
26AVMFRITZ!Box 743021.02.0DECT, FXSLantiq XWAY VRX2201b/g/n-VDSL2View/Edit data!Box_7430
27AVMFRITZ!Box Fon12.09FXO, FXS, DSL not testedAR7 Sangam2--ADSL2+View/Edit datahttp://¿http://¿see also!Box_Fon
28BTHome Hub 2Type A21.02.0DECT, DSL modemBroadcom BCM63581, POTS, DECTb/g/n-ADSL2+homehub_v2aView/Edit data needs replacing
29BTHome Hub 2Type B19.07.8DECT, FXO, FXSLantiq Danube PSB 50712POTS, DECTb/g/n-ADSL2+homehub_v2bView/Edit data
30ComtrendCT-637321.02.0DSL modemBroadcom BCM63582b/g-ADSL2+ct-6373View/Edit data
31ComtrendVG-805021.02.0FXS, WiFi 2.4GHzBroadcom BCM631691b/g/n--vg-8050View/Edit data
32D-LinkDVA-G3810BN/TLA121.02.0DSL modem, 2nd coreBroadcom BCM63581b/g/n-ADSL2+dva-g3810bn-tlView/Edit data
33D-LinkDWR-512B21.02.0Ralink RT53501b/g/n-Mobile Wireless/Cellular networkdwr-512_bView/Edit data
34D-LinkDSL-2750BT121.02.0DSL modemBroadcom BCM63281b/g/n-ADSL2+View/Edit data
35D-LinkDWR-922E221.02.0MediaTek MT7620N1b/g/n-LTEdwr-922_e2View/Edit data
36DavolinkDV-201AMR19.07.8DSL modemBroadcom BCM63482b/g-ADSL2+dv-201amrView/Edit data
37FriendlyARMNanoPi NEO Core221.02.0WIPAllwinner H51---nanopi_neo_core2View/Edit data 512MB and 1024MB RAM versions are available
38GigasetSX76221.02.0Lantiq XWAY Danube2, POTSb/g-ADSL2+sx76xView/Edit data
39GigasetSX76321.02.0Lantiq XWAY Danube2, POTSb/g-ADSL2+sx76xView/Edit data
40HuaweiHG556aC21.02.0DSL modem, FXS, 2nd coreBroadcom BCM63582b/g/n-ADSL2+hg556aView/Edit data
41HuaweiHG655b21.02.0DSL modemBroadcom BCM63682b/g/n-xDSLhg655dView/Edit data
42HuaweiHG655d21.02.0DSL modemBroadcom BCM63682b/g/n-xDSLhg655dView/Edit data
43HuaweiHG556aB21.02.0DSL modem, FXS, 2nd coreBroadcom BCM63582b/g/n-ADSL2+hg556aView/Edit data
44HuaweiHG556aA21.02.0DSL modem, FXS, 2nd coreBroadcom BCM63582b/g/n-ADSL2+hg556aView/Edit data
45HuaweiHG253sv221.02.0DSL modem, FXS, WiFi 2.4GHzBroadcom BCM63622b/g/n-ADSL2+hg253s_v2View/Edit data
46InventelLivebox 1DV421019.07.8Broadcom BCM63481b/g-ADSL2+dv4210View/Edit data>32MB RAM memory mod required for current Openwrt version
47LinksysWRTU54G-TM12.09Infineon ADM86682b/g--View/Edit data Breaker 14.07 not built and Chaos Calmer 15.05 does not currently boot
48NETGEAREVG200019.07.8DSL modemBroadcom BCM63692b/g/n-VDSL2evg2000View/Edit data
49ObservaVH4032N21.02.0DSL modem, FXS, WiFi 2.4GHz partly, WiFi 5GHz partlyBroadcom BCM63682b/g/na/nVDSL2vh4032nView/Edit dataCPU overclocking available via hardware mod
50PirelliFastWeb DRG A226M18.06.1DSL modemBroadcom BCM63582--ADSL2+drg_a226mView/Edit data
51SercommH500-s vfesv121.02.0DSL modem, FXS, WiFi 2.4GHzBroadcom BCM631672b/g/na/n/acxDSLh500-sView/Edit data
52SercommAD1018NOR21.02.0DSL modem, FXS, WiFi 2.4GHz partlyBroadcom BCM63281b/g/n-ADSL2+ad1018View/Edit data
53SercommAD1018v221.02.0DSL modem, FXS, WiFi 2.4GHz partlyBroadcom BCM63281b/g/n-ADSL2+ad1018View/Edit data
54SercommAD1018v121.02.0DSL modem, FXS, WiFi 2.4GHz partlyBroadcom BCM63281b/g/n-ADSL2+ad1018View/Edit data
55SercommH500-s lowiv121.02.0DSL modem, WiFi 2.4GHzBroadcom BCM631672b/g/na/n/acxDSLh500-sView/Edit data
56T-Com / TelekomSpeedport W 500V12.09DSL modem, FXSBroadcom BCM63482b/g-ADSLspw500vView/Edit data
57T-Com / TelekomSpeedport W 504V21.02.0DECTLantiq Danube2, POTS, DECTb/g/na/nADSL2+speedport_w_504vView/Edit data ARV8539PW22 (see git-commit)
58T-Com / TelekomSpeedport W900V10.03.1DECT, WiFi, FXO, FXS, ISDN, LED, DSL not testedTexas Instruments AR72b/g-ADSL2+View/Edit data¿
59TelseyCPVA502+19.07.8DSL modem, FXS, USB deviceBroadcom BCM63481--ADSL2+cpva502.wView/Edit data
60TelseyCPVA502+W19.07.8DSL modem, FXS, USB deviceBroadcom BCM63481b/g-ADSL2+cpva502.wView/Edit data
61TP-LinkVR200v21.02.0DECT, Wifi 2.4GHzLantiq XWAY VRX2882, POTS, DECTb/g/na/n/acVDSL2vr200vView/Edit data
62TP-LinkArcher VR2600vv121.02.0DECT, DSL modemQualcomm IPQ80642, POTS, DECTb/g/na/n/acVDSL2archer_vr2600v_v1View/Edit data
63TP-LinkVR20021.02.0DECT, Wifi 2.4GHzLantiq XWAY VRX288DECTb/g/na/n/acVDSL2vr200vView/Edit data VR200v image also works on the VR200.
64WAVLINKWL-WN570HA121.02.0MediaTek MT7688AN1b/g/na/n/ac-wavlink_wl-wn570ha1View/Edit data web login = admin Default telnet login=admin password=admin
65ZTEZXV10 H201L21.02.0Lantiq AMAZON-SE1, POTSb/g/n-ADSL2+zxv10h201lView/Edit data
66ZTEMF283plus21.02.0Realtek RT33522b/g/n-LTEView/Edit datahttp://¿Has 1x SIM slot for the WWAN modem
67ZyXELP-2812HNU-F121.02.0Lantiq XWAY VRX2882, POTSb/g/n-VDSL2p-2812hnu-f1View/Edit data
68ZyXELP-2812HNU-F321.02.0Lantiq XWAY VRX288 PSB 809202, POTSb/g/n-VDSL2p-2812hnu-f3View/Edit data
69ZyXELP-2601HN-Fx21.02.0Lantiq PSB 508001, POTSb/g/n-ADSL2+p-2601hn-fxView/Edit data
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