Table of Hardware: DSL Modem supported

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This page shows devices which have a DSL modem built in and are supported by OpenWrt.

Note: There currently is no support for any modem chipset supporting super-vectoring / profile 35b; the lantiq grx350 / grx500 SOC would be needed for that, but this SOC is unsupported as of Nov. 2019.

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  • No support for 4 MB FLASH / 32 MB RAM devices in modern (18.06 and later) OpenWrt. Details...
  • No support for 8 MB FLASH / 64 MB RAM devices in modern (18.06 and later) OpenWrt. Details...
  • Flash MB: The ToH tables show the total size of the flash chip(s). Depending on your device (e.g. dual firmware), the flash space available for package installation might be significantly lower. See also Details #1 and Details #2

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