Table of Hardware: Ideal for Gluon

In order to list devices you'll have the best experience with, here we filter for devices that…

  • are either 'Available' (are commercially available, i.e. you can buy them today) or 'unknown' (if 'unknown' → search the net for availability first, then please update the data here)
  • have at least 8MB Flash (4M can work, but are no fun to work with. >=8M will make you happier than 4M or below.)
  • have at least 64MB RAM (32M can work, but >=64M are more comfortable to work with, depending on your use case.)
  • Gluon support is not BROKEN

Special notes:

  • Devices with Broadcom WiFi chipsets have limited OpenWrt supportability (due to limited FLOSS driver availability for Broadcom chips)
  • A few devices do not support the standard factory/sysupgrade OpenWrt image type, instead requiring a more complex custom OpenWrt installation procedure. See the respective devicepage for installation instructions.
  • Some devices have a built-in firmware rescue function (making the device less likely to brick on flash failures), while others do no have this. See the respective devicepage for details.
  • When planning to buy a device that supports USB3.0, to connect USB3.0 storage devices and use 2.4 GHz WiFi at the same time, you may experience 2.4 WiFi problems (see 2.4 GHz WiFi issues with USB3.0). Ask the OpenWrt forum for advice on this subject.

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    • D-Li, D-Lin, D-Link, Archer, Netg, …
    • DIR-6, TL-WR, 3700, 43, 430, 4300, …
  • No support for 4 MB FLASH / 32 MB RAM devices in modern (18.06 and later) OpenWrt. Details...

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#Device Type BrandModelVersionsAvailabilitySupported Current RelUnsupported FunctionsCPU MHzCPU coresFlash MBRAM MB100M portsGbit portsUSB PortsWLAN 2.4GHzWLAN 5.0GHzWLAN CommentsWLAN HardwareModemOEM Device HomepageDevice PageOpenWrt Forum Topic URLDevice Techdata
1Single Board Computer8devicesJalapenoAvailable 201921.02.37004128NAND, 8256-21x 2.0, 1x 3.0, 1x mini-USB (power)b/g/na/n/acQualcomm Atheros IPQ4018- data
2WiFi RouterAVMFRITZ!Box 4040Available 201921.02.3638432256-51x 2.0, 1x 3.0b/g/na/n/acQualcomm Atheros IPQ4018- data
3WiFi RouterAVMFRITZ!Box 4020Available 201921.02.3USB7501161285-1x 2.0b/g/n-Qualcomm Atheros QCA9561- data
4WiFi RouterBuffaloWZR-900DHPunknown 201821.02.3WiFi 2.4GHz partly, WiFi 5GHz8001128256-51x 3.0b/g/naBroadcom BCM4331- data
5WiFi RouterBuffaloWZR-450HP2unknown 201819.07.10720116128-5¿b/g/n-Qualcomm Atheros QCA9558¿wzr-450hp2View/Edit data
6Range ExtenderD-LinkDAP-1330A1Available 201921.02.365018641--b/g/n-2T2RQualcomm Atheros QCA9533- data
7WiFi APdevoloWiFi pro 1750xAvailable 201921.02.3720116128-1-b/g/na/n/acQualcomm Atheros QCA9558, Qualcomm Atheros QCA9880-View/Edit data
8WiFi APdevoloWiFi pro 1750iAvailable 201921.02.3720116128-1-b/g/na/n/acQualcomm Atheros QCA9558, Qualcomm Atheros QCA9880-View/Edit data
9WiFi APdevoloWiFi pro 1750eAvailable 201921.02.3720116128-21x 2.0b/g/na/n/ac3T3R MIMO (2.4Ghz 450Mbps, 5Ghz 1299Mbps, 3x RP-SMA 2dBi dual-band antennas)Qualcomm Atheros QCA9558, Qualcomm Atheros QCA9880- data
10WiFi APdevoloWiFi pro 1200eAvailable 201921.02.3720116128-2-b/g/na/n/acQualcomm Atheros QCA9558, Qualcomm Atheros QCA9880- data
11WiFi RouterExtreme NetworksWS-AP3825iunknown 2022snapshot800264256-21x 2.0b/g/na/n/acAtheros AR9590, Qualcomm Atheros QCA9890- data
12RouterFriendlyARMNanoPi R2Sv1Available 202121.02.313004microSDHC1024-21x 2.0--none- data
13WiFi RouterGL.iNetGL-AR300Mv1.4.0Available 202021.02.3must be forced into booting from NOR flash, NAND flash not supported until after 19.07.x6501128NAND, 161282-1x 2.0b/g/n-Qualcomm Atheros QCA9531-, data
14Travel RouterGL.iNetGL-AR750Available 201921.02.36501161283-1x 2.0b/g/na/n/acQualcomm Atheros QCA9531, Qualcomm Atheros QCA9887- data
15WiFi RouterGL.iNetGL-MT300Nv2Available 202021.02.35801161282-1x 2.0, 1x µUSB (power)b/g/n-MediaTek MT7628AN- data
16Range ExtenderNETGEAREX6100v2Available 201921.02.3AP-Extender toggle-switch717416256-1-b/g/na/n/acQualcomm Atheros IPQ4018- data
17Range ExtenderNETGEAREX6150v2Available 202121.02.3AP-Extender toggle-switch717416256-1-b/g/na/n/acQualcomm Atheros IPQ4018- data
18Travel RouterNexxWT3020HAvailable 201721.02.358018642-1x 2.0, 1x µUSB (power)b/g/n-MediaTek MT7620N- data
19Travel RouterNexxWT3020FAvailable 201721.02.358018642-1x 2.0, 1x µUSB (power)b/g/n-2 PCB antennas; MIMO configMediaTek MT7620N- data
20Travel RouterNexxWT3020ADAvailable 201721.02.358018642-1x 2.0, 1x µUSB (power)b/g/n-MediaTek MT7620N- data
21WiFi APOpen-MeshMR900v2unknown 202121.02.3720116128-1-b/g/na/nQualcomm Atheros QCA9558, Qualcomm Atheros QCA9580 (mini-PCIe)-http://¿View/Edit data
22WiFi RouterOpen-MeshOM2PAvailable 201719.07.10400116642--b/g/n-Atheros AR9285- data
23WiFi APOpen-MeshOM5P-ACAvailable 201719.07.10720116128-2-b/g/na/n/acQualcomm Atheros QCA9882- data
24WiFi RouterTP-LinkArcher C7v5Available 201921.02.3750116128-51x 2.0b/g/na/n/acQualcomm Atheros QCA9563, Qualcomm Atheros QCA9880- data
25WiFi RouterTP-LinkArcher C20iv1Available 201921.02.358018645-1x 2.0b/g/na/n/ac3x3 MIMOMediaTek MT7610E, MediaTek MT7620A- data
26WiFi RouterTP-LinkArcher C50v4Available 201921.02.358018645--b/g/na/n/acMediaTek MT7612E, MediaTek MT7628A- data
27Travel RouterTP-LinkTL-MR3020v3Available 201921.02.357518641-1x 2.0b/g/n-MediaTek MT7628NN- data
28WiFi APTP-LinkTL-WA801NDv5Available 201921.02.358018641--b/g/n-MediaTek MT7628N- data
29WiFi RouterTP-LinkTL-WR842Nv5Available 201821.02.358018645-1x 2.0b/g/n-MediaTek MT728NN- data
30WiFi RouterTP-LinkTL-WR1043Nv5Available 201821.02.377511664-5-b/g/n-Qualcomm Atheros QCA9563- data
31WiFi RouterTP-LinkTL-WDR49002.0 (CN)unknown 201821.02.372018128-52x 2.0b/g/na/nAtheros AR9580, Qualcomm Atheros QCA9558- data
32RouterUbiquitiEdgeRouter X (ER-X)Available 201821.02.3See forum8802256NAND256-5----- data
33WiFi RouterUbiquitiNanoStation Loco M5 xwunknown 201819.07.1040018641---a/nAtheros AR9342- data
34WiFi RouterUbiquitiNanoStation M5 xwunknown 201821.02.340018642---a/nAtheros AR9342-nanostationm5View/Edit data
35WiFi APUbiquitiUniFi AC MeshAvailable 201821.02.3775116128-1-b/g/na/n/acQualcomm Atheros QCA9563, Qualcomm Atheros QCA988x- data
36WiFi APUbiquitiUniFi AP PROAvailable 201721.02.3560116128-2-b/g/na/n3x3 MIMOAtheros AR9280- data
37WiFi RouterUbiquitiUniFi AP AC LiteAvailable 201921.02.3775116128-1-b/g/na/n/ac2x2 MIMOQualcomm Atheros QCA9563, Qualcomm Atheros QCA9882- data
38WiFi APUbiquitiUniFi AP AC LRAvailable 201821.02.3775116128-1-b/g/na/n/ac2.4 GHz 3x3 MIMO - 5 GHz 2x2 MIMOQualcomm Atheros QCA9563, Qualcomm Atheros QCA9882- data
39WiFi RouterUbiquitiUniFi AP AC PROAvailable 201821.02.3775116128-21x 2.0b/g/na/n/ac3x3 MIMOQualcomm Atheros QCA9563, Qualcomm Atheros QCA9880- data
40RouterUbiquitiEdgeRouter X-SFP (ER-X-SFP)Available 201821.02.3Crypto engine, HwNAT, SFP8802256NAND256-5----- data
41WiFi RouterUbiquitiUniFi APAvailable 201821.02.339018641--b/g/n-1x1 MIMOAtheros AR9280- data
42WiFi RouterZyXELNBG6617Available 201921.02.3716432256-51x 3.0b/g/na/n/acwave2/MIMOQualcomm Atheros IPQ4018- data
43Range ExtenderZyXELWRE6606unknown 201821.02.3638416128-1¿b/g/na/n/acQualcomm Atheros IPQ4018-View/Edit data
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