Table of Hardware: Ideal for OpenWrt + 802.11ax supported

In order to list devices you'll have the best experience with, here we filter for devices that…

  • are either 'Available' (are commercially available, i.e. you can buy them today) or 'unknown' (if 'unknown' → search the net for availability first, then please update the data here)
  • have at least 16MB Flash (8MB will work, but depending on your usecase 16MB or more will make you happier than 8MB or below.)
  • have at least 128MB RAM (64MB will work, but depending on your usecase 128MB or more will make you happier than 64M or below.)

Additional filter criteria:

  • WiFi 802.11ax supported

Special notes:

  • Devices with Broadcom WiFi chipsets have limited OpenWrt supportability (due to limited FLOSS driver availability for Broadcom chips)
  • A few devices do not support the standard factory/sysupgrade OpenWrt image type, instead requiring a more complex custom OpenWrt installation procedure. See the respective devicepage for installation instructions.
  • Some devices have a built-in firmware rescue function (making the device less likely to brick on flash failures), while others do not have this. See the respective devicepage for details.
  • When planning to buy a device that supports USB3.0, to connect USB3.0 storage devices and use 2.4 GHz WiFi at the same time, you may experience 2.4 WiFi problems (see 2.4 GHz WiFi issues with USB3.0). Ask the OpenWrt forum for advice on this subject.

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  • Enter your filter criteria in the white fields
    You can filter for partial matches, e.g.
    • D-Li, D-Lin, D-Link, Archer, Netg, …
    • DIR-6, TL-WR, 3700, 43, 430, 4300, …
  • No support for 4 MB FLASH / 32 MB RAM devices in modern (18.06 and later) OpenWrt. Details...

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#Device Type BrandModelVersionsAvailabilitySupported Current RelUnsupported FunctionsCPUCPU MHzCPU coresFlash MBRAM MB100M portsGbit portsWLAN 2.4GHzWLAN 5.0GHzWLAN CommentsWLAN HardwareModemUSB portsOEM Device HomepageDevice PageOpenWrt Forum Topic URLDevice Techdata
1WiFi RouterASUSRT-AX53UAvailable 202222.03.2MediaTek MT7621AT8802128256-4b/g/n/axa/n/ac/axMediaTek MT7905, MediaTek MT7975-1x 2.0 data
2WiFi RouterBelkinRT3200Available 202122.03.2MediaTek MT7622BV13502128NAND512-5b/g/na/n/ac/axMediaTek MT7622BV, MediaTek MT7915E-1x 2.0 data
3WiFi RouterCudyX6unknown 202222.03.2MediaTek MT7621880232256-5b/g/n/axa/n/ac/axMediaTek MT7915E-- data
4WiFi RouterELECOMWRC-X3200GST3unknown 2022snapshotMediaTek MT7622B13502128NAND512-5b/g/na/n/ac/axMediaTek MT7622B, MediaTek MT7915A-- data
5WiFi RouterH3CTX1801 PlusAvailable 2022snapshotMIPS 1004Kc V2.158802128256-4b/g/n/axa/n/ac/ax2×2 DL/UL MU-MIMO. 2.4GHz 20/40MHz. 5GHz 20/40/80MHz.MediaTek MT7915¿- data
6WiFi RouterLinksysE8450Available 202022.03.2MediaTek MT7622BV13502128NAND512-5b/g/na/n/ac/axMediaTek MT7622BV, MediaTek MT7915E-1x 2.0 data
7WiFi APNETGEARWAX202Available 202222.03.2MT7621A8802128512-4b/g/n/axa/n/ac/axNo 160 MHz support on 5 GHz.MediaTek MT7915D DBDC-- data
8Single Board ComputerSinovoipBananaPi BPi R3V1.0, V1.1Available 2022snapshotMediaTek MT7986A200048192 eMMC2048-5b/g/n/axa/n/ac/axMediaTek MT7975N, MediaTek MT7975P-1x 3.0 data
9WiFi RouterTenbay - KuWfiT-MB5EUv01unknown 202122.03.2MediaTek MT7621AT880216256-5b/g/n/axa/n/ac/axMediaTek MT7905, MediaTek MT7975 MT7915E-1x 3.0 data
10WiFi RouterTOTOLINKX5000RAvailable 202122.03.2MediaTek MT7621AT880216256-5b/g/n/axa/n/ac/axMediaTek MT7915DA, MediaTek MT7915DN-- data
11WiFi APTP-LinkEAP615-Wallv1Available 202122.03.2MediaTek MT7621AT880216128-4b/g/n/axa/n/ac/ax2x2 MU-MIMO, OFDMAMediaTek MT7905DAN, MediaTek MT7975DN-- data
12WiFi APUbiquitiUniFi 6 LiteAvailable 202122.03.2MediaTek MT7621AT880232256-1b/g/na/n/ac/axac/ax on 5 GHz only, 2x2 MIMO (300 Mbps @ 2.4 Ghz, 1201 Mbps @ 5 GHz)MediaTek MT7603, MediaTek MT7915-- data
13WiFi APUbiquitiUniFi 6 LRv1Available 202122.03.2MediaTek MT76221350264512-1b/g/na/n/ac/axac/ax on 5 GHz only, 4x4 MIMO (600 Mbps @ 2.4 Ghz, 2400 Mbps @ 5 GHz)MediaTek MT7622, MediaTek MT7915-- data
14WiFi APUbiquitiUniFi 6 LRv2unknown 202222.03.2MediaTek MT76221350264512-1b/g/na/n/ac/axMediaTek MT7622, MediaTek MT7915-- data
15WiFi RouterXiaomiAX3200Available 202122.03.2MediaTek MT7622B13502128NAND256-4b/g/na/n/ac/axMU-MIMO, OFDMA, 802.11sMediaTek MT7622B, MediaTek MT7915E-- data
16WiFi RouterXiaomiAX6Sunknown 202222.03.2MediaTek MT7622B13502128NAND256-4b/g/na/n/ac/axMU-MIMO, OFDMA, 802.11sMediaTek MT7622B, MediaTek MT7911AN-- data
17WiFi RouterXiaomiRedmi AX6000Available 2022snapshotledsMediaTek MT7986A20004128512-4b/g/n/axa/n/ac/axsupport OFDMA+MU-MIMOMediaTek MT7976AN, MediaTek MT7976GN-- data
18WiFi RouterYunCoreAX820Available 202222.03.2MediaTek MT7621AT ver 1, eco 3880216128-2b/g/n/axa/n/ac/axMediaTek MT7621DAT, MediaTek MT7905N, MediaTek MT7975DN-- data
19WiFi APZyXELNWA55AXEunknown 202222.03.2MediaTek MT7621AT8802128256-1b/g/n/axa/n/ac/axMediatek MT7915-¿ data
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