ToH admin: WIP2

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  • This table has a different definition of WIP and filters for devices with existing git commit, but no supported OpenWrt version.
  • Questions to be answered to improve the data:
    • What is unsupported (e.g. WLAN, ADSL, ...)? → update Unsupported column
    • Do you own one of the devices shown below and can you confirm that it is working with OpenWrt version xyz? → update Supported Since Rel, Supported Current Rel column
    • Is there an image available, but we don't know of it? → update Firmware OpenWrt Install URL, Firmware OpenWrt Upgrade URL column
    • Is there a devicepage available, but we don't know of it? → update Device Page column
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  • Last modified: 2018/05/18 10:59
  • by tmomas