ToH admin: VLAN

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  • Focus on Modem, VLAN and switch columns
  • Find missing values (empty or ¿)
  • If Switch = AR9331 → VLAN = Yes
  • If Switch = MT7620 → VLAN = Yes
  • If Switch = MT7530 → VLAN = Yes
  • If each port has its own ethernet controller (like for example Alix boards from PCEngines) imho it would make sense to have → VLAN = Yes (as there is OS-level VLAN support, see last paragraph in VLAN explained)
  • If single ethernet port it would also make sense to have them switched to → VLAN = Yes (same reasons above)

Filter: VLAN

Filter: Modem

Filter: Switch

Filter: Supported Current Release

Scrolling through the table: Click anywhere in the table, then use your cursor keys to scroll left/right, up/down.

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