Table of Hardware: Low Flash / RAM, unsupported only

Purpose: This ToH version shows devices which match the following criteria:

  • No OpenWrt support
  • Flash </= 4MB
  • RAM </= 32MB

Reason: see 4/32 warning

  • Sort the columns by clicking the column header
  • Enter your filter criteria in the white fields
    You can filter for partial matches, e.g.
    • D-Li, D-Lin, D-Link, Archer, Netg, ...
    • DIR-6, TL-WR, 3700, 43, 430, 4300, ...
  • No support for 4 MB FLASH / 32 MB RAM devices in modern (18.06 and later) OpenWrt. Details...
  • No support for 8 MB FLASH / 64 MB RAM devices in modern (18.06 and later) OpenWrt. Details...
  • Flash MB: The ToH tables show the total size of the flash chip(s). Depending on your device (e.g. dual firmware), the flash space available for package installation might be significantly lower. See also Details #1 and Details #2

Scrolling through the table: Click anywhere in the table, then use your cursor keys to scroll left/right, up/down.

Filter: Flash MB

Filter: RAM MB

#BrandModelVersionAvailabilityFlash MBRAM MBDevice PageWikidevi URLDevice TechdataSupported Current RelUnsupported Functions
1Airlink101AR625WDiscontinued832ar625w dataWIP
2Arcadyan / AstoriaARV4518PW2unknown 2018432arv4518pw2 data
3AsiaRFAP2620unknown 2018832awm-evbView/Edit data
4AsiaRFAWM-EVBunknown 2018832awm-evbView/Edit data
5ASUSDSL-N12UB1Discontinued 20171632dsl-n12u dataPossible to support
6BelkinF7C030Available 20191632f7c030 data
7BTHome Hub 11.0, 1.5Discontinued832homehub_v1View/Edit dataWIP
8BuffaloWZR-AG300NHunknown 2018832wzr-ag300nh dataWIP
9CiscoEPC3208GDiscontinued1632epc3208gView/Edit dataPossible to support
10D-LinkDCS-950GA4Discontinued432dcs-950gView/Edit dataWIP
11D-LinkDIR-632A1Discontinued 2017832dir-632 dataWIP
12D-LinkDSL-2730UC1unknown 2018832dsl-2730uView/Edit dataDSL modem, WiFi 2.4GHz partly
13D-LinkDSL-2740BE1unknown 20181632dsl-2740bView/Edit dataPossible to support
14Dovado3GNDiscontinued4323g-6200n dataPossible to support
15EdimaxNS-1500N1.0ADiscontinued832ns-1500nView/Edit dataPossible to support
16HooTooHT-TM03 (TripMate Mini)Discontinued 2015microSDHC32tripmate-nano dataWIP
17HooTooHT-TM06 (TripMate Elite U)Discontinued 2020832ht-tm06View/Edit dataWIP
18LinksysWRV54Gv1Discontinued832wrv54g data
19LinksysWVC54GCADiscontinued432wvc54gca dataPossible to support
20LinksysWAG54GX2Discontinued832wag54gx2 dataPossible to support
21LinksysRTP3001.0Discontinued832rtp300View/Edit data
22LinksysWAG160Nv1Discontinued432wag160n dataWIP
23LinksysWAG160Nv2Discontinued432wag160nv2 dataWIP
24NETGEARDGN2200v2Discontinued832dgn2200v2View/Edit dataWIP
25NETGEARWN604Discontinued432wn604 dataWIP
26NETGEARWN802Tv2Discontinued832wn802t_v2 data
27NETGEARWN2000RPTv2unknown 2018432wnr2000 data
28NETGEARFVX538v1Discontinued1632fvx538View/Edit data
29NETGEARMBRN3000Discontinued832mbrn3000 dataPossible to support
30NETGEARVVG2000-1unknown 2018832vvg2000-1 dataPossible to support
31NETGEARWN2000RPTv1Discontinued432wnr2000 data
32OptionGlobesurfer IIIDiscontinued3232gs3 data
33SagemLivebox1.1unknown 2018832liveboxView/Edit dataPossible to support
34SitecomWLR-4100V1 001Discontinued832View/Edit datasee forum, WIP
35T-Com / TelekomSpeedport W 303V Typ Aunknown 2018432speedport_w_303vView/Edit data
36T-Com / TelekomSpeedport W 503V Typ Cunknown 2018464spw503vtypcView/Edit data
37T-Com / TelekomSpeedport W 724V Typ Cunknown 2018832spw724vtypcView/Edit data
38Tenda4G301Discontinued4644g301 data
39ThomsonST7Gunknown 2018832st7gView/Edit dataDSL modem, WIP
40TP-LinkTL-MR22Uv1Discontinued832tl-mr22u_v1 data
41TP-LinkTL-WR740Nv5.1 (UA)unknown 2018432tl-wr740nView/Edit data
42VizioXWR100Discontinued832xwr100 dataWIP
43ZlmnetMIFIF10NDiscontinued432mifif10nView/Edit dataPossible to support
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