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CategoryNameVersionDependencies...........................................Description...........................................File sizeInstalled sizeLicenseMaintainerBug reportSource code
network464xlat11ip, kmod-nat46, libc464xlat CLAT support

4kB4kBGPL-2.0Steven BarthBug reportsSources
network6in425-1kmod-sit, libc, uclient-fetchProvides support for 6in4 tunnels in /etc/config/network.
Refer to for
configuration details.

2kB1kBGPL-2.0Jo-Philipp WichBug reportsSources
network6rd9-4kmod-sit, libc, libsspProvides support for 6rd tunnels in /etc/config/network.
Refer to for
configuration details.

3kB2kBGPL-2.0Steven BarthBug reportsSources
network6to412-2kmod-sit, libcProvides support for 6to4 tunnels in /etc/config/network.
Refer to for
configuration details.

1kB1kBGPL-2.0Jo-Philipp WichBug reportsSources
utilities---filesystemacl20180121-1libacl, libcAccess control list support
This package provides ACL manipulation utilities
- chacl
- getfacl
- setfacl

18kB18kBLGPL-2.1 GPL-2.0Maxim StorchakBug reportsSources
networkacme2.8.3-1ca-bundle, gnu-wget, libc, openssl-util, socatA client for issuing Letsencrypt certificates.

45kB44kBGPL-3.0-onlyToke Høiland-JørgensenBug reportsSources
networkacme-dnsapi2.8.3-1acme, libcThis package provides DNS API integration for ACME (Letsencrypt) client.

80kB79kBGPL-3.0-onlyToke Høiland-JørgensenBug reportsSources
utilitiesacpica-unix20180427-1libcOpen Source utilities for ACPI including the ACPICA Machine Language
(AML) interpreter, a simulator, test suites, and a compiler to
translate ACPI Source Language (ASL) into AML.

At this time, only acpidump is bundled; more might be added later.

18kB17kBGPL-2.0Philip PrindevilleBug reportsSources
utilitiesacpid2.0.28-1kmod-input-evdev, libcThe ACPI Daemon (acpid) With Netlink Support

19kB18kBGPL-2.0Thomas HeilBug reportsSources
utilitiesadbandroid.5.0.2_r1-1libc, libopenssl, libpthread, libssp, zlibAndroid Debug Bridge (adb) is a versatile command line tool that lets you communicate with an emulator instance or connected Android-powered device.

50kB49kBHenryk HeisigBug reportsSources
network---wwanadb-enablemodem2017-03-05-1adb, libc, libsspEnable modem via adb

1kB0kBOpenWrt teamBug reportsSources
networkadblock3.5.5-4jshn, jsonfilter, libcPowerful adblock script to block ad/abuse domains via dnsmasq, unbound, named, kresd or dnscrypt-proxy.
The script supports many domain blacklist sites plus manual black- and whitelist overrides.
Please see for further information.

11kB10kBGPL-3.0+Dirk BrenkenBug reportsSources
networkaddrwatch0.8-3libc, libevent2, libpcap, libsspThis is a tool similar to arpwatch. It main purpose is to monitor network and
log discovered ethernet/ip pairings. Addrwatch is extremely useful in networks
with IPv6 autoconfiguration (RFC4862) enabled. It allows to track IPv6
addresses of hosts using IPv6 privacy extensions (RFC4941).

18kB17kBGPL-3.0Ondrej CaletkaBug reportsSources
utilities---terminalagetty2.32-2libc, librtagetty opens a tty port, prompts for a login name and invokes the
/bin/login command

19kB18kBGPL-2.0OpenWrt teamBug reportsSources
network---ip-addresses-and-namesaggregate1.6-1libctakes a list of prefixes in conventional format on stdin, and performs two
optimisations to reduce the length of the prefix list. It removes any
supplied prefixes which are supurfluous because they are already included in
another supplied prefix (e.g., would be removed if was also supplied), and identifies adjacent prefixes that can
be combined under a single, shorter-length prefix (e.g., and can be combined into the single prefix

4kB3kBISCNikil MehtaBug reportsSources
networkahcpd0.53-2ip, libc, librt, libsspAhcpd is a daemon for configuring an IPv6 network using the Ad-Hoc
Configuration Protocol (AHCP). AHCP is designed for wireless mesh
networks, where IPv6 autoconfiguration and DHCPv6 do not work, but may
also be used on wired networks.

19kB18kBMITGabriel KerneisBug reportsSources
firmwareaircard-pcmcia-firmware2017-09-06-a61ac5cf-1libcSierra Wireless Aircard 555/7xx/8×0 firmware

1kB0kBFelix FietkauBug reportsSources
network---wirelessaircrack-ng1.2-rc1-2libc, libnl-core, libnl-genl, libopenssl, libpcap, libpthread, zlibWLAN tools for breaking 802.11 WEP/WPA keys

420kB420kBGPL-2.0Rick FarinaBug reportsSources
network---wirelessairmon-ng1.2-rc1-2ethtool, libc, libssp, procps-ng, wireless-toolsBash script designed to turn wireless cards into monitor mode.

7kB6kBGPL-2.0Rick FarinaBug reportsSources
networkalfred2018.1-2libc, libnl-tiny, librt, libsspalfred is a user space daemon for distributing arbitrary local information over
the mesh/network in a decentralized fashion. This data can be anything which
appears to be useful - originally designed to replace the batman-adv
visualization (vis), you may distribute hostnames, phone books, administration
information, DNS information, the local weather forecast ...

alfred runs as daemon in the background of the system. A user may insert
information by using the alfred binary on the command line, or use special
programs to communicate with alfred (done via unix sockets). alfred then takes
care of distributing the local information to other alfred servers on other
nodes. This is done via IPv6 link-local multicast, and does not require any
configuration. A user can request data from alfred, and will receive the
information available from all alfred servers in the network.

21kB20kBGPL-2.0common routing maintainersBug reportsSources
mailalpine2.20-2libc, libncurses, libopenssl, libpam, libpthreadAlpine (Alternatively Licensed Program for Internet News and Email) is a
free software email client developed at the University of Washington.
It is suitable for both the inexperienced email user as well as for
the most demanding power user.
This package is built with OpenSSL support.

1638kB1638kBApache-2.0Antti SeppäläBug reportsSources
mailalpine-nossl2.20-2libc, libncurses, libopenssl, libpam, libpthreadAlpine (Alternatively Licensed Program for Internet News and Email) is a
free software email client developed at the University of Washington.
It is suitable for both the inexperienced email user as well as for
the most demanding power user.
This package is built without OpenSSL support.

1606kB1606kBApache-2.0Antti SeppäläBug reportsSources
librariesalsa-lib1.1.6-1kmod-sound-core, libc, libpthread, librt, libsspThis is the library package for alsa, needed by some userspace programs.
You must have enabled the ALSA support in the kernel.

266kB267kBLGPLv2.1 GPLv2Ted Hess, Peter Wagner,Bug reportsSources
soundalsa-utils1.1.6-2alsa-lib, libc, libncursesw, libpthreadALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) utilities

122kB122kBTed HessBug reportsSources
soundalsa-utils-seq1.1.6-2alsa-lib, libc, libpthreadALSA sequencer utilities

59kB59kBTed HessBug reportsSources
soundalsa-utils-tests1.1.6-2alsa-lib, libc, libpthreadALSA utilities test data (adds ~1.3M to image)

874kB874kBTed HessBug reportsSources
firmwaream33x-cm320130304-1libcTI AM335x PM firmware

7kB6kBImre KalozBug reportsSources
firmwareamd64-microcode20180524-1libcAMD64 CPU microcode

20kB19kBOpenWrt teamBug reportsSources
network---ip-addresses-and-namesannounce1.0.1-1libc, libpthread, libsspAnnounce services on the network with Zeroconf/Bonjour.
This announces services such as ssh, sftp, and http running on the local machine
to the network.

8kB7kBBSD-3-ClauseSimon PeterBug reportsSources
utilitiesap51-flash2017-12-07-1libcA tool for flashing (nearly) all ap51/ap61 based routers

15kB14kBGPL-3.0+Russell SeniorBug reportsSources
network---web-servers-proxiesapache2.4.28-2libapr, libaprutil, libc, libopenssl, libpcre, unixodbc, zlibThe Apache Web Server is a powerful and flexible HTTP/1.1 compliant
web server. Originally designed as a replacement for the NCSA HTTP
Server, it has grown to be the most popular web server on the Internet.
This package contains the Apache web server and utility programs.
Take care that you don't include apache at the moment into your image
please select it only as module because busybox will override
/usr/sbin/httpd. It'll be solved soon. If you need to include this
package in the image anyway, remove httpd from busybox
(Base system -→ Configuration -→ Networking Utilities -→ httpd).
Also you should take care for the initscripts, apache's httpd isn't
compatible with the one from busybox, so if you want to use apache
for running your webif, you'll need to change the parameters in the
scripts and configure the rest in /etc/httpd.conf.

729kB730kBApache LicenseThomas HeilBug reportsSources
network---web-servers-proxiesapache-icons2.4.28-2apache, libc, libsspThe Apache Web Server is a powerful and flexible HTTP/1.1 compliant
web server. Originally designed as a replacement for the NCSA HTTP
Server, it has grown to be the most popular web server on the Internet.
This package contains the icons from Apache.

137kB137kBApache LicenseThomas HeilBug reportsSources
networkapcupsd3.14.14-2libc, libpthread, libssp, libusb-compatUPS control software

197kB197kBGPL-2.0Othmar TrunigerBug reportsSources
networkapcupsd-cgi3.14.14-2libc, libgd, libpthreadUPS control software CGI module

27kB27kBGPL-2.0Othmar TrunigerBug reportsSources
networkapinger2015-04-09-78eb3287-1libcAlarm Pinger (apinger) is a little tool which monitors various IP devices by
simple ICMP echo requests. There are various other tools, that can do this,
but most of them are shell or perl scripts, spawning many processes, thus much
CPU-expensive, especially when one wants continuous monitoring and fast
response on target failure. Alarm Pinger is a single program written in C, so
it doesn't need much CPU power even when monitoring many targets with frequent
probes. Alarm Pinger supports both IPv4 and IPv6. The code have been tested
on Linux and FreeBSD.

26kB25kBGPL-2.0-onlyAlex SamorukovBug reportsSources
developmentar2.27-1libbfd, libc, zlibar

22kB21kBGPL-3.0+Felix FietkauBug reportsSources
firmwarear3k-firmware2017-09-06-a61ac5cf-1libc, libsspath3k firmware

223kB223kBFelix FietkauBug reportsSources
network---file-transferaria21.33.0-1libc, libopenssl, libstdcpp, zlibaria2 is a lightweight multi-protocol & multi-source command-line download

808kB808kBGPLv2Imre Kaloz, Hsing-Wang Liao,Bug reportsSources
network---download-managerariang2018-02-21-f71a67cb-1aria2, libc, libssp, uhttpdAriaNg is a web frontend making aria2 easier to use. AriaNg is written in pure html & javascript, thus it does not need any compilers or runtime environment.

946kB946kBMITAnsuel SmithBug reportsSources
networkarp-scan1.9-40-g69b2f70-1libc, libpcapARP scanner

23kB22kBGPL-3.0Sergey UrushkinBug reportsSources
network---firewallarptables2015-05-20-f4ab8f63-1kmod-arptables, libcARP firewalling software

21kB20kBGPL-2.0OpenWrt teamBug reportsSources
network---telephonyasterisk1313.20.0-5jansson, libc, libcap, libedit, libncurses, libopenssl, libsqlite3, libssp, libuuid, libxml2, uclibcxx, zlibAsterisk is a complete PBX in software. It provides all of the features
you would expect from a PBX and more. Asterisk does voice over IP in three
protocols, and can interoperate with almost all standards-based telephony
equipment using relatively inexpensive hardware.

821kB820kBGPL-2.0Jiri SlachtaBug reportsSources
network---telephonyasterisk13-app-adsiprog13.20.0-5asterisk13, asterisk13-res-adsi, libcThis package provides support for 'program Asterisk ADSI scripts into phone' in Asterisk.

15kB14kBGPL-2.0Jiri SlachtaBug reportsSources
network---telephonyasterisk13-app-agent-pool13.20.0-5asterisk13, libc, libsspThis package provides support for 'call center agent pool' in Asterisk.

17kB16kBGPL-2.0Jiri SlachtaBug reportsSources
network---telephonyasterisk13-app-alarmreceiver13.20.0-5asterisk13, libc, libsspThis package provides support for 'Central Station Alarm receiver for Ademco Contact ID' in Asterisk.

8kB7kBGPL-2.0Jiri SlachtaBug reportsSources
network---telephonyasterisk13-app-amd13.20.0-5asterisk13, libcThis package provides support for 'answering machine detection' in Asterisk.

6kB6kBGPL-2.0Jiri SlachtaBug reportsSources
network---telephonyasterisk13-app-authenticate13.20.0-5asterisk13, libcThis package provides support for 'Execute arbitrary authenticate commands' in Asterisk.

4kB3kBGPL-2.0Jiri SlachtaBug reportsSources
network---telephonyasterisk13-app-bridgewait13.20.0-5asterisk13, asterisk13-bridge-holding, libc, libsspThis package provides support for 'place a channel into a holding bridge' in Asterisk.

4kB3kBGPL-2.0Jiri SlachtaBug reportsSources
network---telephonyasterisk13-app-celgenuserevent13.20.0-5asterisk13, libc, libsspThis package provides support for 'generate user-defined CEL event' in Asterisk.

2kB2kBGPL-2.0Jiri SlachtaBug reportsSources
network---telephonyasterisk13-app-chanisavail13.20.0-5asterisk13, libcThis package provides support for 'support for checking if a channel is available' in Asterisk.

3kB2kBGPL-2.0Jiri SlachtaBug reportsSources
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