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Cannot satisfy dependencies

You will get the message “Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for...”

  1. if the kernel version installed on your device does not match the kernel version required by the package you want to install. This happens very easily when you are using a snapshot image.
    • Solution #1: Install all needed packages directly after installing the snapshot image, not on the next day.
    • Solution #2: Try to install via opkg with option --force-depends (=Install/remove despite failed dependencies). Mind that this is likely to fail for kernel related packages (kmods).
    • Solution #3: Make local copy of snapshot packages (not recommended, needs much space!)
  2. if you are using a snapshot image, and the snapshot packages are missing in current builds.
    • Solution: Wait some days, then check if the packages are being built again.

As general advice, especially for inexperienced users: Go for the latest stable release (if available for your device), not a snapshot version, then the package repositories will match and packages will be available.

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